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February 02

The Director Dish

On January 25, 2017, UNP author Paul Johnsgard was honored by the Center for Great Plains Studies with a lifetime achievement award. Johnsgard, professor emeritus at the University of Nebraska, has authored eighty-five books (I apparently missed a couple dozen when counting them up), twenty-five with the University of Nebraska Press. A much recognized and […]

September 01

The Director Dish

Shortly after the shootings in Orlando, Florida, occurred, I was at a meeting of the board of the American Association of University Presses (AAUP) in advance of the association’s annual meeting. In discussing how to address the shootings at the meeting and what the member presses could do, we reached the conclusion that university presses […]

March 01

The Director Dish: Our 75th Anniversary

The following letter was written for UNP’s spring and summer 2016 catalog. What an honor it is to be the director of the University of Nebraska Press as it celebrates its 75th anniversary and diamond jubilee. Reference to a diamond seems particularly apt, since I have often thought of the press as the “jewel in […]

September 11

The Director Dish

Are people who work in publishing just frustrated writers? I have spoken to undergraduate English and journalism classes many times about careers in book publishing, and one of the things I always tell the students is: if you want to be a writer, don’t get a job in publishing. Why is that, you ask? (As […]

February 23

The Director Dish

I suppose every season has countless poems and stories written about it or set in that season. Certainly, when it comes to summer there is a multitude of songs and writings about the lazy days, the burning heat, the carefree life. But, to me—and perhaps it’s a by-product of being out here on the Great […]

September 22

The Director Dish: A Day in Book Publishing

I recently had the pleasure of having a young woman, Olivia, a junior at Southeast High School here in Lincoln, shadow me for a day. I felt a little sorry for her since much of my day is spent writing emails. But I did try to have her attend a few meetings so that she […]

September 05

The Director Dish

When I was a kid, my mom regularly packed a pb&j on white bread sandwich—or perhaps a slice of processed cheese, also on white bread—in my lunch box. Kids were able to buy a pint of milk, maybe a bag of chips or Fritos, and, just maybe, a banana, apple, or orange. Not terribly healthy, […]

The Director’s Dish: Current Trends in Publishing

I recently was asked to guest lecture at a publishing class about what I see as major trends in the book industry. You don’t always get to sit down and organize on paper (in this case, on Power Point) the things you know are happening in your industry. I thought I’d share some of the […]

The Director’s Dish

This season’s Director’s “Dish” might in fact be a pie plate . . . I never thought I’d come to know as many people who grew up on farms as I now do. Until moving to Lincoln almost five years ago, I’m pretty sure I had known no more than one or two people with […]

The Director Dish: Judging a Book by Its Cover

You can judge a book by its cover; in fact, I hope you do because we spend a lot of time honing the titles and cover designs for our books. With more and more people purchasing books online, it’s even important than ever to grab them with a good title or compelling cover. In the […]