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June 14

From the Desk of Joshua Jacobson: Singing through Ancient Text

The following contribution comes from Joshua Jacobson, author of Chanting the Hebrew Bible, Second, Expanded Edition: The Art of Cantillation (June 2017). I’ve been chanting Torah since I was a tweenager, in fact, long before the term “tweenager” was coined. Even before my bar mitzvah. And I had a bit of a chip on my shoulder, feeling […]

June 09

News and Reviews

Books Russia’s Dead End Andrei A. Kovalev   Review in Publishers Weekly: “Kovalev . . . unmasks the Russian body politic in all its Gogol-like grotesquery.” Cheated Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham Book mentioned in the Chronicle of Higher Education.   The Heart in the Glass Jar William E. French Praise from The Historian:  “Each section offers […]

May 26

News and Reviews

Books American Journalists in the Great War Chris Dubbs Listed as “New and Noteworthy” in The New York Times Book Review. Rival Gardens Connie Wanek Praise from Rain Taxi Review: “It takes remarkable restraint to refine language so it is this transparent . . . Connie Wanek is achieving . . . a luminous vision.” Le Football […]

May 16

Reading List: Study with JPS

The Jewish Publication Society has been publishing thoughtful and thought-provoking books in Jewish literature and history for more than 125 years. This list highlights some of their Bible studies, commentaries, and other books helpful for devotion.   The Commentator’s Bible: Deuteronomy Edited, translated, and annotated by Michael Carasik “Anyone who is unfamiliar with medieval commentary, or […]

May 12

News and Reviews

Books Lefty O’Doul Dennis Snelling Review in “…an artful job of toggling back and forth between O’Doul’s life story and focusing on the trip to Japan in 1949.”   It’s My Country Too Edited by Jerri Bell and Tracy Crow Praise from Publishers Weekly: “…Bell and Crow have done a service by amplifying the important voices […]

April 29

The Future of American Jewish Bible Translation

The Jewish Publication Society, along with Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences and NMAJH, is sponsoring an event tomorrow (April 30) at the National Museum of American Jewish History. Together with scholars and representatives of major rabbinical seminaries, this day long event will discuss the current trends and the future expectations translating the Jewish […]

April 28

News and Reviews

Books   American English, Italian Chocolate Rick Bailey Starred review from Publishers Weekly: “The essays read like the best of short stories: their significance extends beyond what is on the page.” The Blind Man and the Loon Craig Mishler Praise from Cultural Analysis: “A significant example of what twenty-first century folklorists do… yet another contribution of the press […]

April 24

EXCERPT: Saving One’s Own

The following has been excerpted from Saving One’s Own: Jewish Rescuers during the Holocaust by Mordecai Paldiel (Jewish Publication Society, 2017). In a 2002 publication about the role of non-Jewish rescuers of Jews, Holocaust historian Nechama Tec, who earlier wrote on Polish rescuers of Jews, lamented, “Why had I overlooked the rescue of Jews by Jews? . […]

April 18

EXCERPT: Exiles in Sepharad

The following has been excerpted from Exiles in Sepharad: The Jewish Millennium in Spain by Jeffrey Gorsky (Jewish Publication Society, 2015).    Chapter 6: A Golden Age of Poetry A New Hebrew Posey The exposure to Muslim culture fostered the emergence of great Jewish poets. The confluence of a rich Arab poetic tradition with biblical Hebrew and the […]

April 14

News and Reviews

Books   Intersectionality Anna Carastathis Review from American Quarterly: “Her commitment to close reading is manifested in a rejection of both intersectionality’s skeptics and its fervent supporters… Instead, the book champions ‘analytic clarity, contextual rigor, and a politicized historicized understanding of the trajectory of this concept’ (5).” Tarnished George E. Reed Praise from H-Net: “I have served in […]