August 18

News and Reviews

Books Crude Nation Raul Gallegos Book mentioned in the New York Times: “Gallegos provides crucial background for the country’s present situation, and also offers a solution for fixing the country’s economy and helping it re-enter the global energy industry.”   Perla Frédéric Brun Translated by Sarah Gendron and Jennifer Vanderheyden Review from Publishers Weekly: “…there is […]

August 17

From the Desk of Gregory D. Smithers: The Fragility of American Whiteness

The following contribution comes from Gregory D. Smithers, author of Science, Sexuality, and Race in the United States and Australia, 1780–1940, Revised Edition (Nebraska, 2017). He is an associate professor of history at Virginia Commonwealth University. The Fragility of American Whiteness The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, are a sad reminder of how racism, sexism, and misogyny are far from […]

August 16

Excerpt: Bootleggers and Borders

The following is an excerpt from Bootleggers and Borders: The Paradox of Prohibition on a Canada-U.S. Borderland (Nebraska, 2014) by Stephen T. Moore.  From Chapter 4: The Halcyon Days of Rum-Running Roy Haynes, the second U.S. commissioner of prohibition and an astute observer of the border’s effect on the liquor traffic, once remarked that it was […]

August 15

From the Desk of Michael Oriard: An Aesthetic of Excess

The following contribution comes from Michael Oriard, author of The Art of Football: The Early Game in the Gold Age of Illustration (August 2017). Oriard played football for the University of Notre Dame and the Kansas City Chiefs and is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in American literature and culture at Oregon State University. The Art of Football is […]

August 14

Publicist Picks: Family Secrets, A Provençal Murder, and Other October Books

Tayler Lord and Anna Weir are publicists at UNP who share a cubicle and cannot stop talking about books (or caffeinated beverages, for that matter). Today they also share their thoughts about a few upcoming titles they’re particularly excited about as readers. The books in this discussion will be published in October. Anna Weir: My first pick is the latest book from […]

August 11

Happy Book Birthday to Le Football!

Book Birthdays celebrate one year of a book’s life in tweets, reviews, and more. This month we’re saying Happy First Book Birthday to Le Football: A History of American Football in France (Nebraska, 2016) by Russ Crawford! Crawford is is an associate professor of history at Ohio Northern University. He is the author of The Use of Sports to Promote the […]

August 10

From the Desk of Steven I. Levine: Russian Lessons

The following contribution comes from Steven I. Levine, translator of Russia’s Dead End: An Insider’s Testimony from Gorbachev to Putin (August 2017) by Andrei A. Kovalev. Levine a retired professor of politics and history, is the coauthor of Mao: The Real Story and Arc of Empire: America’s Wars in Asia from the Philippines to Vietnam. Andrei A. Kovalev’s Russia’s Dead End: […]

August 09

Excerpt: Upstairs at the Roosevelts’

The following has been excerpted from Upstairs at the Roosevelts’: Growing Up with Franklin and Eleanor (July 2017).  Chapter 1: My Twelve Years in the White House The question most frequently asked of me is, “What was life like in the White House?” A response saying that it was “wonderful, fantastic, unforgettable and yet a disaster” only provokes […]

August 08

From the Desk of William C. Kashatus: Remembering Dutch Daulton

The following contribution comes from Willam C. Kashatus, author of Macho Row: The 1993 Phillies and Baseball’s Unwritten Code (Nebraska, 2017). He is also the author of Jackie and Campy: The Untold Story of Their Rocky Relationship and The Breaking of Baseball’s Color Line (Nebraska, 2014) and Almost a Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the 1980 World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.  […]