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June 22

EXCERPT: The Spirit and the Sky

The following has been excerpted from The Spirit and the Sky: Lakota Visions of the Cosmos by Mark Hollabaugh (June 2017). From Chapter 4: The Stars and Constellations Although the night sky is filled with surprises in the form of comets, meteor showers, and the northern lights, some aspects like the stars’ nightly movement and the constellations’ […]

Perfectly Awful June 21

Excerpt: Perfectly Awful

The NBA Draft is tomorrow and the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers have officially completed a blockbuster trade. Luckily for the Sixers, it’s 2017 and not 1972. Below is an excerpt from Charley Rosen’s Perfectly Awful: The Philadelphia 76ers’ Horrendous and Hilarious 1972-1973 Season (Nebraska, 2014).  [7] How Low Can You Go?  How would the Sixers react […]

June 12

Excerpt: Ellen Browning Scripps

The following is an excerpt from Ellen Browning Scripps: New Money and American Philanthropy (June 2017) by Molly McClain.  Chapter 7: Old Age, New Age At the same time that Ellen worked to establish the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, she also began to search for purpose in her own life. She had never been particularly speculative, having […]

June 05

EXCERPT: The Cruft of Fiction

The following has been excerpted from The Cruft of Fiction: Mega-Novels and the Science of Paying Attention by David Letzler (June 2017). Introduction: Information and Attention in the Mega-Novel The Agony and Ecstasy of Big Books Why do we respond so strangely to big books? I mean a certain type of big book: the extremely literate, erudite […]

May 31

EXCERPT: From the Dugouts to the Trenches

The following has been excerpted from From the Dugouts to the Trenches: Baseball During the Great War by Jim Leeke (May 2017).   From Chapter 7: Work or Fight Nine days after Joe Jackson’s unexpected defection in Philadelphia, Provost Marshal General Enoch Crowder handed Major League Baseball an even bigger shock. He announced a new draft regulation […]

May 29

Excerpt: Red, White, and True

This Memorial Day, we pay tribute to the brave men and women who have given their lives serving our country.  The following is an excerpt from Red, White, and True: Stories from Veterans and Families, World War II to Present (Potomac Books, 2014), edited and with an introduction by Tracy Crow.  From Chapter 3: Remembering Forgotten Fliers, Their Survivors […]

May 24

Excerpt: Tough Sell

The following is an excerpt from Tough Sell: Fighting the Media War in Iraq (May 2017) by Tom Basile. Basile is a Forbes opinion contributor, national political commentator, radio host, a faculty member of Fordham University, and principal of the New York–based strategic communications firm Empire Solutions. He has served in government at the local, state, and federal levels. […]

May 22

EXCERPT: The Cult of the Modern

The following has been excerpted from The Cult of the Modern: Trans-Mediterranean France and the Construction of French Modernity by Gavin Murray-Miller (Nebraska, 2017).   From Chapter 5: Old Ends and New Means During the month of February 1853, the lawyer and future politician Émile Ollivier visited the salon of Marie de Flavigny, Comtesse d’Agoult, bettervknown to […]

May 15

Excerpt: Your Midwest Garden

The following is an excerpt from Your Midwest Garden: An Owner’s Manual (Bison Books, 2013) by Jan Riggenbach. These tips are for gardeners planting in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Chapter 7: Vegetables  BEANS  Fresh-picked green beans are a superb taste treat I look forward to every […]

May 05

Excerpt: Governing Affect

The aim of the Anthropology of Contemporary North America Series is to publish teachable, empirically rich, and conceptually innovative books that contribute to the comparative anthropology of North America, emphasizing ethnographic approaches to contemporary subject matter. The following is an excerpt from one of the newest books in the series, Governing Affect: Neoliberalism and Disaster Reconstruction (May […]