October 02

News from Journals: An interview with the former editor of Legacy

The Journals: Management and Publishing Solutions department (J:MaPS) monthly J:MaPS updates will inform you of the latest news including awards, editorial changes, and new issue releases. This month features an interview with Jennifer Tuttle, co-editor and previous editor of Legacy, on her experience editing a scholarly journal. An interview with Jennifer Tuttle How did you […]

September 29

What We’re Reading

September Staff Reading list UNP staff members are always reading new books, both within our list and outside of what we publish. Here are some of the books where our noses have been buried.   The Complete Stories Clarice Lispector, Translated by Katrina Dodson “I wanted to buy it at AWP earlier this year but […]

September 29

News and Reviews

Books   How We Won & Lost the War In Afghanistan Douglas Grindle Praise from Publishers Weekly: “This is a well-told story and a must-read for those who want to understand the obstacles to success in Afghanistan.”   The Heart of Torah Rabbi Shai Held Feature in Times of Israel: “Rabbi Held’s own love of Torah animates […]

September 28

From the Desk of Joy Schulz: Protesting the Flag in History

The following contribution comes from Joy Schulz, author of Hawaiian by Birth: Missionary Children, Bicultural Identity, and U. S. Colonialism in the Pacific (September 2017). Schulz is a member of the history faculty at Metropolitan Community College in Omaha. I grew up proudly reciting the Pledge of Allegiance with hand over heart every day in elementary school. As […]

September 27

From the Desk of Munene Mwaniki: Holding a Mirror to White Supremacy

The following is a contribution from Munene Franjo Mwaniki, author of The Black Migrant Athlete: Media, Race, and the Diaspora in Sports (September 2017). Mwaniki is an assistant professor of sociology at Western Carolina University.  When I started this project I had fears that the subject matter would become irrelevant before I could even publish my […]

September 26

Where in the West is Mark Spitzer?

Mark Spitzer loves fish and he loves to fish. As a nationally known author (Seasons of the Gar, Return of the Gar), writing about fish and their issues is what he does best. In this blog series, Spitzer shares his experiences traveling the American West while researching a select number of freshwater fish that are often […]

September 25

From the Desk of Bob Hall: National Comic Book Day

Bob Hall is a professional artist who has worked for Marvel Comics and DC Comics and drawn some of the most famous comic heroes of all time, including Batman, Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, and the Avengers.  “National Comic Book Day!” I knew that day would come. I’ve known it for the forty years I have worked […]

September 22

Excerpt: The Golden Fleece

The following is the foreword by Wesley Clark from The Golden Fleece: High-Risk Adventure at West Point (September 2017) by Tom Carhart. Clark is a retired U.S. Army four-star general, Vietnam War veteran, and valedictorian of the West Point class of ’66.   Over thirty years ago a young Washington Post reporter chose to write a compelling memoir of […]

September 21

South Dakota Festival of Books preview

Anna Weir is a highly-caffeinated publicist at UNP. School is back in session, pumpkin spice lattes have returned, and the South Dakota Humanities Council is once again celebrating Great Plains literature with the South Dakota Festival of Books. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I’m off to Deadwood today to represent UNP’s books […]

September 20

Reading List: Vietnam

The epic story of one of the most consequential, divisive, and controversial events in American history, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s ten part, 18-hour documentary series The Vietnam War is visceral, immersive, and revelatory. Airing on PBS and available through desktop and mobile streaming apps, the series is engaging audiences and sparking important conversations about governments […]