March 10

EXCERPT: The Woods Are On Fire

The following poems have been excerpted from The Woods Are On Fire: New and Selected Poems by Fleda Brown (March 2017). The Gospel Truth The Confederate soldiers came for the freed slaves. They had not thought to escape but had been freed by the Union army. They were being paid wages. But the Confederate soldiers ripped them […]

March 09

From the Desk of Kathleen Cairns: The Brass Ring of Feminism

The following contribution comes from Kathleen A. Cairns, author of The Case of Rose Bird: Gender, Politics, and the California Courts (Bison Books, 2016). Cairns is a lecturer of history and women’s studies at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. She is the author of several books, including Proof of Guilt: Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in […]

March 08

The Marketeers Club: A Year of Publicity

Anna Weir is a publicist a little surprised at how quickly time flies when she spends all her time talking about books. Seems odd to think that a year ago I officially signed on as a full-time publicist with UNP. I was working as a student for nearly a year before that, a sort of […]

March 07

Lester Tenney, 1920-2017

Lester Tenney, World War II veteran and author of My Hitch in Hell, passed away the last week of February at the age of ninety-six. In 2000, Potomac Books published My Hitch in Hell: The Battan Death March, Tenney’s account of life as a POW during World War II, in the Memories of War series. Captured by […]

March 06

News from Journals: Featuring Emily Wilbourne and more

The Journals: Management and Publishing Solutions department (J:MaPS) is beginning a new adventure: exploring the world of blogging! This monthly J:MaPS update will inform you of the latest news including awards, editorial board changes, and new issue releases. This month’s highlight features Emily Wilbourne, the new Editor in Chief of Women and Music. J:MaPS: What is […]

March 03

News and Reviews

Books   Cannibal Safiya Sinclair One of Literary Hub‘s “Oscar nominees” for best book of poetry. Before Boas by Han F. Vermeulen Praise from American Anthropologist: “To use words such as ‘magisterial’ and ‘compendious’ about this book may understate the case.” Beyond the Fruited Plain Kathryn Cornell Dolan Review in Great Plains Quarterly: “Dolan beautifully defines the […]

March 02

Reading List: Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. To celebrate, we’re sharing just a few of our favorite books by and about women.  Separation Scenes: Domestic Drama in Early Modern England by Ann C. Christensen Separation Scenes argues that domestic plays make the absence of husbands for business the subject of tragedy by focusing not on where men […]

March 01

Publicist Picks: May Books

Tayler Lord and Anna Weir are publicists at UNP who share a cubicle currently filled with paper coffee cups. Today they also share their thoughts about a few upcoming titles they’re particularly excited about as readers. The books in this discussion will be published in May. Tayler Lord: The first book I’d like to talk about this […]

February 28

From the Desk of Dennis Snelling: Some Stories Never End

The following contribution is from Dennis Snelling, author of the forthcoming book Lefty O’Doul: Baseball’s Forgotten Ambassador (May 2017). Snelling has been a senior writer for Helmar Baseball History and Art magazine and a member of the Society for American Baseball Research and the Pacific Coast League Historical Society. He is the author of The Greatest Minor League: A History of the […]

February 27

Excerpt: Screening the System

The following excerpt comes from Screening the System: Exposing Security Clearance Dangers (February 2017) by Martha Louise Deutscher.  From Chapter 1: The Many Faces of a Threat Ethnicity, Nationality, and Other Threats When Japanese planes attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt’s national security priority shifted to organizing the nation for global war. Before Pearl Harbor, […]