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March 22

From the Desk of Bailey Poland: On Writing as Women

The following contribution comes from Bailey Poland, author of Haters: Harassment, Abuse, and Violence Online (Potomac Books, 2016). Bailey Poland is a writer, feminist, and activist, as well as the creator of the literary journal Leaves and Flowers and is a regular contributor to numerous print and online journals, including Line Zero. She is the editor of Involution: […]

March 21

Where in the West is Mark Spitzer?

Mark Spitzer loves fish and he loves to fish. As a nationally known author (Seasons of the Gar, Return of the Gar), writing about fish and their issues is what he does best. In this blog series, Spitzer shares his experiences traveling the American West while researching a select number of freshwater fish that are […]

March 15

From the Desk of Jean Ardell: Writing Ila Borders’ Story

The following contribution comes from Jean Hastings Ardell, co-author of Making My Pitch: A Woman’s Baseball Odyssey (April 2017). Making My Pitch tells the story of Ila Jane Borders, the first woman to win a men’s professional baseball game. Raw, open, and funny at times, her story encompasses the loneliness of a groundbreaking pioneer who experienced grave […]

March 09

From the Desk of Kathleen Cairns: The Brass Ring of Feminism

The following contribution comes from Kathleen A. Cairns, author of The Case of Rose Bird: Gender, Politics, and the California Courts (Bison Books, 2016). Cairns is a lecturer of history and women’s studies at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. She is the author of several books, including Proof of Guilt: Barbara Graham and the Politics of Executing Women in […]

February 28

From the Desk of Dennis Snelling: Some Stories Never End

The following contribution is from Dennis Snelling, author of the forthcoming book Lefty O’Doul: Baseball’s Forgotten Ambassador (May 2017). Snelling has been a senior writer for Helmar Baseball History and Art magazine and a member of the Society for American Baseball Research and the Pacific Coast League Historical Society. He is the author of The Greatest Minor League: A History of the […]

February 16

From the Desk of Michael Fallon: Finding My Way to Spring Training

The following contribution comes from Michael Fallon, author of Dodgerland: Decadent Los Angeles and the 1977–78 Dodgers (Nebraska 2016).  Growing up in Southern California, I never understood the fuss about spring training. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve long loved baseball. Between 1974, when my love of the game first blossomed, and 1988, when I graduated from college, I […]

February 07

From the Desk of Lisa Pinley Covert: We Take Our Relationship with Mexico for Granted

The following contribution comes from Lisa Pinely Covert, assistant professor of history at the College of Charleston and author of the forthcoming book San Miguel de Allende: Mexicans, Foreigners, and the Making of a World Heritage Site (June 2017). U.S.-Mexican relations have become headline news again for all of the wrong reasons. From President Trump’s January 25 Executive […]

February 04

From the desk of Jackson Michael: Houston and the Super Bowl

Jackson Michael is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the Maxwell Football Club. He is a freelance writer, journalist, and author of The Game before the Money (Nebraska 2014). Visit his website or follow on Twitter or Facebook.  “When you’re talking Houston, you’re talking Super Bowl”—a paraphrased quote from the “Houston Oilers […]

February 01

From the Desk of Brent Rogers: Fit for Self-Governance

The following contribution is by Brent M. Rogers, author of Unpopuar Sovereignty: Mormons and the Federal Management of Early Utah Territory (Nebraska 2017). Rogers is a historian and documentary editor for the Joseph Smith Papers. He is also an instructor of history and religious education at Brigham Young University, Salt Lake Center.    Rhetoric and debate about the fitness […]

January 30

From the Desk of Steve Edwards: Making Connections at AWP

The following contribution is from Steve Edwards, author of Breaking into the Backcountry (Bison Books 2010). The AWP Conference & Bookfair is an annual meeting for writers, teachers, students, editors, and publishers. Each year more than 12,000 attendees join the AWP community for four days of insightful dialogue, networking, and unrivaled access to the organizations and opinion-makers that matter most […]