People Make Publishing: A Reader on Running (and Walking!)

The following is a post from Joeth Zucco, Senior Project Editor at UNP.  Was Forrest Gump the first ultra-marathoner? In the movie, he crisscrossed the United States numerous times during his three-year, two-month, fourteen-day, sixteen-hour run. In fiction, anything goes. … Continue reading People Make Publishing: A Reader on Running (and Walking!)


Books Walk of Ages by Jim Reisler Review from the Sports Literature Association: “Jim Reisler, author of eight baseball books, which explains the many analogies the author makes to the boys of summer, brings this fascinating character to life on the pages of Walk of Ages. . . Reisler described Weston as an everyman, a rock star and a happening all rolled into one incredible human being.”     Busy in the Cause by Lowell J. Soike From Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains Vol 38 No 1: “Soike’s portraits of the remarkable young men who followed Brown . . … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS