Walk of Ages by Jim Reisler


Review from the Sports Literature Association:

“Jim Reisler, author of eight baseball books, which explains the many analogies the author makes to the boys of summer, brings this fascinating character to life on the pages of Walk of Ages. . . Reisler described Weston as an everyman, a rock star and a happening all rolled into one incredible human being.”



Busy in the Cause by Lowell J. Soike


From Kansas History: A Journal of the Central Plains Vol 38 No 1:

“Soike’s portraits of the remarkable young men who followed Brown . . . constitute a particular strength of the book. The author also excels in recounting numerous small-scale dramas, including chases, kidnappings, and religious disputes, that together illustrate the deadly dangers and heightened emotions of the free-state period.”



Ethos and Narrative Interpretation by Liesbeth Korthals Altes


Review in Leonardo: Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences, and Technology, Vol. 48 No. 3:

“It is therefore a great joy to see that Ethos and Narrative Interpretation . . . succeeds in presenting a type of narrative reading that opens new directions while keeping in mind the need for a new, close look at the basic issues of the discipline. […] A good example of this is the author’s claim that cognitive science–oriented theories of narrative, which look with great envy at the prestige and robustness of hard sciences, are actually compatible with the personal touch of hermeneutics. (I open here a small parenthesis to thank the author for having based so much of her thinking on French and Francophone sources and for having shown the necessity of an interlinguistic and intercultural dialogue at this level as well.)”

Authors in the Media


Micah Goodman


Speaker at a Jewish Week Forum:

“. . . the audience of about 200 people came away from the lively discussion with sharp insights into theological debates and dilemmas that span centuries, from medieval times to today.”



William C. Kashatus


Article in The Baltimore Sun:

“As it turned out, I had to wait 16 years for the Phillies to capture another pennant. It was the beginning of a love-hate relationship with the game.”



Jackson Michael


Article about Jackson Michael and the writing of his book in Wisconsin State Journal:

“Jackson did his homework. Before interviewing Carl Eller, with whom he will appear in Minneapolis, Jackson read that Eller once returned a fumble for a Vikings touchdown in the same game that his teammate, Jim Marshall, returned a fumble to the wrong end zone, the latter becoming one of the most infamous plays in NFL history.

Eller was astonished. “Nobody remembers that.”

Now they will, thanks to Michael Jackson—also known as Jackson Michael—that, and much more.”

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