The Marketeers Club: Watching FX No Strain on University Presses

This past weekend, I was enjoying my Sunday routine of relaxation and watching the latest television series from FX, The Strain.

While I do thoroughly enjoy the vampire/zombie/apocalyptic mashup, some of the characters’ backgrounds feel a little forced. For example, Kevin Durand’s character, Vasiliy Fet, is a second generation Russian living in Brooklyn, NY. His occupation: exterminator for the NYC Bureau of Pest Control.

Of course, like any good Russian rat-killer, viewers of the show find out that he has a difficult past with his father, a scholar of architecture. For you see, Fet had a scholarship to get his masters in architecture and turned it down! But for a good cause, he wanted to kill pests!? (Plot still has unanswered questions, obviously.)

While I was eye-rolling this new character development, Fet’s father says he is going to be publishing a book about architecture with a university press.

Let me repeat, publishing with a university press!

Anyone who isn’t in the UP world has stopped reading by now, but those of us who are . . . well, we have just been recognized by FX Networks as a viable means of publishing books! More or less, anyway.

I think I can confidently say that we (university press employees) have all had the experience, nay, the pleasure of explaining UPs. Either what it is that we do, or what we publish, or even what a UP is.

So, thank you, Guillermo del Toro and the other writers of The Strain, for giving me something about which to tweet.

A creepy, but good show just got better in my opinion; I’d give it a starred review! (Get it? Kirkus joke.)


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