Smith-Cheated POTOMAC.inddCheated
By Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

Bloomberg Business review
“A definitive insider’s account of the fake-classes scandal at basketball powerhouse University of North Carolina has hit the real and virtual book shelves. Those who care about the soul—and economics—of the $16 billion-a-year college sports industry should clear their reading calendar for Cheated.




SteinbergThe Colonel and Hug
By Steve Steinberg and Lyle Spatz

Kirkus starred review
“The book is not only a thorough dual biography; it is also a lucid, well-written reminder of why we love baseball. ‘Baseball never operates in a vacuum,’ write the authors, and they assemble a well-researched treasure of a book that not only chronicles the two men behind the game’s most iconic team, but the nation they helped shape as well.”




By Josephine Waggoner

Great Plains Quarterly review
“Waggoner’s Hampton Institute experience is one of many that cuts through US colonization’s propensity to dehumanize nonwhites. Other critical aspects of the book make Witness a prized resource: the manuscript’s prepublishing journey; Levine’s extensive footnoting; the inclusion of Lakota/Dakota orthography; as well as maps, pictures, and appendixes. Finally, I concur with Levine’s assessment that nonacademics are doing some of the most important research in Native Studies. Witness is proof enough.”




BobinThe Lady in White
By Christian Bobin

Complete Review review
“Carefully and beautifully crafted, The Lady in White is a compact but weighty and resonant consideration of Emily Dickinson’s life.”




By Sue Eisenfeld

The Washington Times review
“Beautifully captures the mountain people and the official vendetta that made them refugees from their own land.”




CoodleyUpton Sinclair
By Lauren Coodley

Labor Studies Journal review
“The book is just a great story, well told, better than any fiction in some ways because no one could possibly make up such a rich and complicated life.”

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