October Book Deals

UNP is excited to announce these forthcoming projects from our team of acquiring editors. All titles listed here are working titles only and are subject to change before publication. The acquiring editor is in parentheses.

We look forward to editing, producing, designing, and marketing these books, and working with the authors as we move toward publication of each.

Forthcoming from University of Nebraska Press

For the trade


Alexandra M. Nickliss, Phoebe Apperson Hearst: A Life of Power and Politics (Matt Bokovoy)  – the first biography of one of the Gilded Age’s most prominent and powerful women

Charley Rosen, NBA’s Fallen Angel: Micheal Ray Richardson and the NBA’s Era of Excess (Rob Taylor) – considers aspects of the league’s dysfunction in light of the game’s rapidly increasing popularity during the 1970s and 80s

Jewish Publication Society

Nancy Kalikow Maxwell, Typically Jewish (Joy Weinberg) – In this light-hearted, non-fiction book, award-winning writer Nancy Kalikow Maxwell searches personally—from her kitchen to garage to cemetery plot—and beyond ethnic stereotypes for the true source of her Jewish identity, and what “typically Jewish” truly means

Barry L. Schwartz, Path of the Prophets: Living the Bible (Joy Weinberg) – identifies the prophetic moment in the lives of 18 biblical characters, offers up an intimate view of their inner thoughts, illuminates their ethical legacies, and challenges each of us to walk the path of the prophets today

Kari Tuling, Thinking About God: Jewish Views (Joy Weinberg) – Who (or what) is God? How does God relate to the world—and to the Jewish people in particular? An investigate how Jewish thinkers have historically approached these questions

Potomac Books

Harriet L. Elam-Thomas, Practicing Authentic Diplomacy: One Woman’s Journey from Roxbury to Dakar (Tom Swanson) – The firsthand account of Harriet Elam-Thomas, or “the little Elam girl” from Boston, whose decades-long effort as a woman of color distinguished herself as a successful diplomat

Richard E. Quest, I Held Lincoln: A Union Soldier’s Journey Home (Tom Swanson) – The story of Lt. Benjamin Loring, who escaped from a Confederate prison camp to regain his freedom, and after returning home, witnessed the assassination of President Lincoln at Ford’s Theater


For scholars

Patricia Akhimie and Bernadette Andrea, Traveling/Travailing Women: Early Modern England and the Wider World (Alisa Plant) –  offers the reader a history of women’s travel in the early modern period

Jennifer S.H. Brown, Ojibwe Stories from the Upper Berens River (Matt Bokovoy) – an important primary source of both First Nations history and the oral literature of Canada’s Ojibwe peoples

Robert Chase, Anglo Pacific Horizons: Race, Modernity, and the Great White Fleet (Bridget Barry) – examines the military and cultural history of the celebrations of the arrival of the Great White Fleet in ports around the Pacific in 1908

Regna Darnell and Frederic W. Gleach, Historicizing Theories, Identities, and Nations (Matt Bokovoy) – examines the work and influence of Franz Boas, Ruth Benedict, John Dewey, Randolph Bourne, A. Irving Hallowell, and Edward Westermarck, as well as anthropological practices and theories in Vietnam and Ukraine

Hasia R. Diner and Simone Cinotto, Global Jewish Foodways: A History (Bridget Barry) – an exploration of the many facets of the global history of Jewish food when Jews struggled with, embraced, modified, or rejected the foods and foodways which surrounded them, from Renaissance Italy to the post-World War II era in Israel, Argentina and the United States

Paulette F. Steeves, The Indigenous Paleolithic: Pleistocene Sites of the Americas (Matt Bokovoy) –  presents evidence that archaeology sites, Paleo environments, landscapes, and mammalian and human migrations between the eastern and western hemispheres that predate Clovis (11, 200 years ago)

Mark A. Weitz, No More Peace Forever: From Secession to 1862 (Bridget Barry) – a narrative of the pivotal year of 1861, the first year of the American Civil War, from Lincoln’s inauguration through the battles of Bull Run and Wilson’s Creek

Yolonda Youngs, Framing Nature: The Making of an American Icon at the Grand Canyon (Bridget Barry) – explores the environmental perception of Grand Canyon National Park and how visual representations shape popular ideas and meanings about national parks and the American West

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