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Irwin Klein and the New Settlers

Edited by Benjamin Klein

Winner in the BRLA 2016 Southwest Book Awards


Modern Orthodox Judaism

Edited by Zev Eleff

Finalist in the 2016 National Jewish Book Awards




Fit for the Presidency?

Seymour Morris

Review in the Wall Street Journal:

“How can we know, before a man becomes president, how he will perform in the job? Or can we? That question, says Seymour Morris Jr., stirred him to write this book.”


The Lost Journalism of Ring Lardner

Edited by Ron Rapoport

Review in the Chicago Tribune:

“It’s good to have the lost treasure of Ring Lardner the journalist back with us again. At long last.”


The Turtle’s Beating Heart

Denise Low

Review in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune: 

“Low does Americans with Indian ancestry a valuable service by illuminating the unique and often terrible circumstances and choices their forebears faced. It is that haunting sense of disturbance, like the still-beating heart of the turtle in the gut, that is worth acknowledging and honoring.”


Thinking About the Torah

Kenneth Seeskin

Review essay in Mosaic:

“Kenneth Seeskin is right to call for a heightened degree of reflection about Judaism, and for more ‘thinking about the Torah,’ and for doing so he deserves our gratitude.”


Playing War

John M. Lillard

Review from Navy History:

“Lillard fills a void in the historiography of the interwar period . . . As a faculty member at the U.S. Army Command and Staff College, I found his insights invaluable and believe that having read his book I will be a better educator.”


Fort Marion Prisoners and the Trauma of Native Education

Diane Glancy

Review from Great Plains Quarterly

“Intuitively and perceptively connecting the difficult journeys of late nineteenth-century Southern Plains Indians and her own difficult journeys more than one hundred years later, Glancy gives us valuable, evocative ways of imagining the Great Plains and its peoples in motion, undertaking often painful and traumatic journeys to understand who they are, where they have been, and where they might be going.”



Bailey Poland


Author profile in The Courier.

Kyle Keiderling


Author interview in Failure Magazine.

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