Now in paperback!

The following books are now available in paperback editions. 


Delphine Red Shirt examines narrative traditions and linguistic cadence in the Lakota language to reveal the underlying processes of a distinct Lakota oral tradition. George Sword’s Warrior Narratives is the winner of the Labriola Center American Indian National Book Award and the Electa Quinney Award for Published Stories.



Originally published in the same volume in 1966, these two essays still comprise a foundation of modern Indigenous language studies. This new edition contains a new introduction by Michael Silverstein, acclaimed University of Chicago linguist and American Philosophical Society Fellow,  that orients readers to the significance of the works by positioning them in the context of the four-field history of anthropology, one of which was linguistics, over the last century.


Houston Heflin-Go FlightREDO.indd

Go, Flight! is a history of operations in NASA’s hallowed Mission Operations Control Room. This book was the inspiration for the documentary Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo.



With Paul A. Johnsgard, we follow the migration of the sandhill cranes from the American Southwest to their Alaskan breeding grounds and back again, an annual pattern that has persisted over millions of years.

“Sensitively written, scientifically accurate as to the bird’s habits and instincts, and gracefully illustrated.”—Seattle Times




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