The Marketeers Club: New Year, New Books

Rosemary Sekora is the publicity manager at UNP. Follow her on Twitter for bookish content and photos of her puppy. 

Last month, I posted a little tweet consisting of seasonal catalog stats from the upcoming 2020 spring/summer season:

Now that it’s 2020, I thought it would be a good time to highlight a book from each of my categories above. Let’s begin!

One of the new forty-four trade books is titled An Unladylike Profession by Chris Dubbs. It shines a light on more than thirty women who were war reporters during World War I.

One of the twenty-one new in paperback books is Lonesome Dreamer by Timothy G. Anderson, the first biography of John G. Neihardt.

One of the fifteen new titles from Potomac Books this spring is The Journey of Liu Xiaobo edited by Joanne Leedom-Ackerman with Yu Zhang, Jie Li, and Tienchi Martin-Liao. It’s an incredible collection that draws together essays and reflections about Liu’s impact on his era and nation.

One of the six new baseball books is The Wax Pack by Brad Balukjian. Brad takes an unopened pack of Topps baseball cards from 1986 and embarks on a journey to find all the players represented in the pack.

One of the four new poetry books this season is Exodus by ‘Gbenga Adeoba, winner of the Sillerman First Book Prize for African Poetry.

One of the two new books that has the word “weird” in the title is Weird Westerns edited by Kerry Fine, Michael K. Johnson, Rebecca M. Lush, and Sara L. Spurgeon. It’s a collection of essays that explore the hybrid Western genre (think Firefly, Django Unchained, etc.). The other one is here.

And, as I said in my tweet, there aren’t any bird or tree books in the near future but last fall we did publish Great Plains Birds and Apple, Tree.

To check out the other soon-to-be-released books, browse the seasonal catalog here and follow UNP on Twitter for the latest news and reviews about all our books.



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