News and Reviews



Review in Lit Pub:

“If you love the personal essay, or are open to learning to love it, the freewheeling, luminous, disparate Patrick Madden is well worth the time.”

Bad Tourist

Review in Tahoe Mountain News:

“Raw and humorous, the memoir covers 15 countries, four continents and the workings of the world as well as the heart.”

Different Strokes

Review in U.S. Sport History:

“Harris’ book further confirms that diversity remains a problem in corporate America, one that only pressure, as well as fear of being painted as racist, can begin to change.”

The JPS Jewish Heritage Torah Commentary

Review in the Reporter:

“While individual readers will gain much from The JPS Jewish Heritage Torah Commentary, the work would also make an excellent text for Torah study and Bible study classes.”


Ben Nelson

Interview with the National Journal.

Emmanuel Navon

Interview on the TBN Channel.

Greg Larson

Interview on the Hot Takedown Podcast.

Patrick Madden

Interview with Hippocampus Magazine.

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