Forthcoming Books from JPS

The following books are soon to be available this fall from our publishing partners at the Jewish Publication Society. Read below to learn more about these fall releases!

Moshkeleh the Thief by Sholom Aleichem

The eponymous hero, Moshkeleh, is a robust chap and horse thief. When Tsireleh, daughter of a tavern keeper, flees to a monastery with the man she loves—a non-Jew she met at the tavern—the humiliated tavern keeper’s family turns to Moshkeleh for help, not knowing he too is in love with her.

Publication date: Now available!

Coming to Terms with America by Jonathan D. Sarna

Coming to Terms with America examines how Jews have long “straddled two civilizations,” endeavoring to be both Jewish and American at once, from the American Revolution to today. In fifteen engaging essays, Jonathan D. Sarna investigates the many facets of the Jewish-American encounter—what Jews have borrowed from their surroundings, what they have resisted, what they have synthesized, and what they have subverted.

Publication date: Now available!

The Jewish Family Ethics Textbook by Rabbi Neal Scheindlin

The first ethics book to address social media and technology ethics through a Jewish lens, along with teaching the additional skills of analyzing classical Jewish texts, The Jewish Family Ethics Textbook guides teachers and students of all ages in mining classical and modern Jewish texts to inform ethical decision-making.

Publication date: October 1, 2021

Judah Magnes by David Barak-Gorodetsky

This comprehensive intellectual biography of Judah Magnes—the Reform rabbi, American Zionist leader, and inaugural Hebrew University chancellor—offers novel analysis of how theology and politics intertwined to drive Magnes’s writings and activism—especially his championing of a binational state—against all odds.

Publication date: November 1, 2021

A Year with Martin Buber by Rabbi Dennis S. Ross

Rabbi Dennis S. Ross demonstrates Buber’s roots in Jewish thought and breaks new ground by explaining the broader scope of Buber’s life and work in a clear, conversational voice. 

Publication date: December 1, 2021

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