Some random thoughts

The guys over at SF Signal picked up on my last post and put up their own.  This is very cool, since I’ve been reading their blog for awhile and like it.  It is also uncool, since I now know they are looking and have to give up on my plan of stealing from them.  Oh well.

I’m stepping a bit more comfortably into blogging shoes.  And I think Jay is permanently not going to be joining me as the other sf blogger.  Too bad.  I was looking forward to reading what he had to say, but apparently real life intervened.

My other bit of bad news, and I can’t believe I didn’t notice this for so long, is that the Sci Fi Channel’s fiction section is no longer going to be doing anything new.  Clearly I didn’t visit there on any regular schedule.  More like I’d leave it for months, then go back and read everything I’d missed.  It was edited by Ellen Datlow, an award winning editor whose work I first encountered in Off Limits:Tales of Alien Sex.  I was just old enough that I no longer giggled at the mention of the word "sex" but still read it in private so my mom wouldn’t see.  Normally readers look for the author or authors in an anthology.  I also look for a few editors and Datlow tops that list.  I really hope good things come for her. 

I’m disappointed that would close down its fiction section.  They had two sections, one for new work and one that reprinted classic sf stories.  The archives will still be up.  Even if they aren’t putting up anything new, it is worthwhile to go find some things that are old.  Look for "Goddesses" which won the Nebula award, the first time something published online had won.

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