Kooser Sighting

I went to Seward, “Nebraska’s 4th of July City,” to celebrate our nation’s independence.  The downtown area, reminiscent of any Main Street, America, was decked out in patriotic digs and covered with vendors of all types.

I went there for the parade.  I fought friendly crowds (Seward swells on Independence Day; Americans come from all over to celebrate in a small town way) and made my way to reserved seats on the parade route.  The main reason I was there was Ted Kooser — the famed poet was the Grand Marshal of the parade!  And how great is that?  A poet leading a parade.

Here are a couple of pictures:



If you’re wondering, Mr. Kooser is the guy relaxing in the back of the drop-top and wearing a hat.  The sign on the car reads: "National Poet Laureate Ted Kooser."

De E ee.