LitBlog Co-op Summer 2006 Read This

If you’re a litblog junkie and a frequent visitor to the LitBlog Co-op, as I am, you probably already know that Michael Martone’s by Michael Martone (2005, Fiction Collective 2) is the LitBlog Co-ops Summer 2006 Read This.  My heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Martone!  The book seems very unconventional and fun.  You can get to an excerpt of the novel on LitBlog Co-op or at Fiction Collective 2.

It should be noted that two of the University of Nebraska Press books were
for the LitBlog Co-op’s Summer 2006 Read This:  Kelli Well’s Skin and Paul Constante’s White Spirit, translated by Betsy Wing.  I haven’t read White
yet, but I started reading Well’s Skin
and was impressed by the language.  I had to put it down because I was
reading The Floor of the Sky so that I may write about it here, on the
Nebraska Press blog.  Why haven’t I written about Joern’s book yet?
Because there’s exciting news about it, of which I’m waiting to write
about, and if you want to find out more about it, check out University
of Nebraska Press’s website.   

This week, I’m going to try a recipe from the The Food and Cooking of Russia.  Or, I may wait until next week.  As in the rest of these United States, it’s burning up in Nebraska.


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