Nostalgia Land

Since my last post I’ve relocated about 400 miles east. I’m back in the Chicago area, complete with husband and a new kitten we have named Maynard Ferguson (he died just before we got her).

Moving has done a few things for me. It is always good for making you get rid of things. I have a new sense of adventure as we face not being students anymore. And all of my books and games from Lincoln are packed up and inaccessible right now. What I have is all from my room in my parents’ house and a few games that wound up at the top and are easily accessible.  This means I am living in the past. All my tastes in one period, frozen in time.

I have rediscovered characters, authors, movies, and games I used to
love. There is my collection of Madeliene L’Engle books, the author I
credit for turning me into a writer. There is a similar collection of
artwork books of Brian Froud. I have several anthologies by Arthur C.
Clark and William Gibson, along with Heinlein’s letters and a few of
all of their novels. I keep staring at the old VHS of The Crow, but haven’t sat down to watch it yet. Andy and I have been obsessively replaying the first Starcraft game, reminding me how much I loved Raynor, Kerrigan, Tassadar, and Zeratul the first time.

I’m rather proud of my younger self for my choices. Most of them
have stood the test of time. Some I get more out of now than I did
then. Others I have outgrown, but recognize their worth. Starcraft is
still worth playing, the characters still compelling (how many computer
games get that praise?) even if the graphics date it. Stranger in a Strange Land
has a new meaning. It has been an interesting chance to go back and
look at what sf I was reading then. Now I need to find a bookstore and
get some new books before I get completely nostalgic.

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