Work Related San Francisco

I’m not neglecting our blog.  Well, I have not intentionally neglected our blog.  It’s just that I’ve been away for work.  I planned to post to the blog during these days, but time got away from me. . . .  Earlier this month–the week before last, actually–I attended a meeting in San Francisco.  But while there, I got to do some exploring on my own.

Port_of_san_francisco_2I will preclude my mini travelogue by saying that this was my first trip to the west coast.  Having been raised in Milwaukee, which extends from Lake Michigan and living a short time on Long Island in New York, where the Atlantic borders the shores, everything was disorienting to me in California: Water to my west was a little more than confusing since I have always oriented myself with knowing that the Lake (in Wisconsin) and the Ocean (in New York) is to the east (imagine my navigational problems when I first moved here to Lincoln, NE).  Many times, I found myself leaving my hotel room, getting lost trying to find a place that was only a couple of city blocks away and later, getting lost on my way back to the room!  >>sigh<<  I was told prior to my trip that San Francisco is a great city for walking.  I guess I can see that, but it took some getting used to for me.

The first picture above is, obviously, a cityscape taken while I was on the Bay.  For a mere seven dollars one-way, one could take a ferry to any of a number of island locations.  I took the ferry to Sausalito, a half hour, peaceful trip.  Soon after leaving dock, my friend and I took this picture of downtown San Francisco.   The sign is just a detail of the photo.

We walked around aimlessly in Sausalito, dipping into and out of touristy shops and small galleries, until taking a bus to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Our plan was to walk across the bridge back into San Francisco, take another bus into Fisherman’s Wharf, walk around down there aimlessly, eat there or back downtown (our very affordable hotel was downtown), then go to bed.  All before dark.  And with a budget.


The bus dropped us off on the freeway.  I think it was a few blocks from the bridge, probably a little less than a mile.  But we were on the freeway, right there next to speeding cars and blind corners!  We were expecting a throng of people to exit the bus along with us but no, it was just us.  A few bikers were on the shoulder, but no other pedestrians.  We made our way carefully towards where we were told the bridge should be and were becalmed by the sight of more walkers.  Soon, we could see a parking lot filled with cars and people getting in, going out, ready to embark on a trek across the Golden Gate Bridge.  Oh,
did I mention that the bridge stood there now, in all of its glory? 

I’ve run out of space for now, but please return next Tuesday for more on my summer travels!



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