Mover and ShakerMover and Shaker
By Andy McCue

2015 SABR Seymour Medal winner
“McCue’s book, the result of years of research, benefits from a wide-ranging number of resources. It is sure to be the primary reference regarding O’Malley.”



Tales from the Deadball EraHalfon
By Mark S. Halfon

SLA Baseball Caucus Readers’ Choice Award winner
“Mark’s book captures the first twenty years of the 20th century in baseball writing that only a few authors have ever come close in telling.”


By Ethan S. Rafuse

The Civil War Monitor review
Manassas’s format is a model of perfection. Directions are clear and precise, the orientation is understandable, and the narrative and analysis sections are accessible, illuminating, and cleverly written. Battlefield trampers who have utilized the other guides should expect more of the same high quality material. In short, the editors of the ‘This Hallowed Ground’ series have identified a niche, and they continue in their model of explaining Civil War battlefields.”


So, How Long Have You Been Native?Bunten
By Alexis C. Bunten

Publishers Weekly review
“Bunten has created an enjoyable mix of ethnographic study and personal memoir in this account of navigating the cultural contradictions and tensions of being a Native Alaskan tour guide and anthropologist.”


untitledThis Strange Wilderness
By Nancy Plain

Kirkus review
“Plain’s writing—drawing largely on Audubon’s own—is lively and colorful, perfect for describing the swamps, forest, rivers and prairies Audubon so loved. Like Audubon’s paintings, this volume ‘glow[s] with life…A superb introduction to the life and times of a great American artist and naturalist.”


Jamieson—Spring1865.inddSpring 1865
By Perry D. Jamieson

Kirkus review
“The true value of this book is Jamieson’s in-depth portrayal of the armies and their leaders, heroes and fools as they struggled to the bitter end.”


CriglerGet Me Through Tomorrow
By Mojie Crigler

Kirkus review
“A heartfelt memoir of devotion and determination.”




Pauline Frederick Reporting
By Marilyn S. Greenwald

Libary Journal review
“This fascinating biography, while repetitive at times, is nevertheless a must-read for journalism, women’s studies, and political science students, as well as for those interested in the history of the UN and the Cold War.”


WaltzWarrior Diplomat
By Michael G. Waltz

Pragati review
“A memoir of unique insight into the hope and tragedy of America’s war in Afghanistan… a powerful juxtaposition of perspectives on the Afghan war.”



Smith-Cheated POTOMAC.inddCheated
By Jay M. Smith and Mary Willingham

News & Observer review
“A new book offers a stinging critique of UNC-Chapel Hill’s handling of the academic and athletic wrongdoing that kept student athletes eligible to compete and persisted for nearly two decades.”


BurnhamSong of Dewey Beard
By Philip Burnham

CHOICE review
“Through his personal interviews, Burnham does an excellent job of bringing Beard to life and capturing his personality… The entire book is well-written, and the last two chapters, which summarize the man and his life, are especially effective.”


JacobsA Generation Removed
By Margaret D. Jacobs

CHOICE review
“What one can conclude is that transracial adoptions reveal both the trauma and resilience of indigenous children and families while increasing visibility and attention to this issue and its charged but as yet unreconciled questions.”


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