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Witness by Josephine Waggoner

Edited by Emily Levine

2015 J. Franklin Jameson Award Winner

Review from the American Historical Association:

“In this sensitively edited and translated volume, Emily Levine performs a work of recovery mirroring that of Lakota amateur historian Josephine Waggoner (d. 1943) herself: distilling for scholars a disciplined but wide-ranging gathering of historical materials that might otherwise have been forever lost . . . a major editorial achievement.”



Fall of the Double Eagle

by John R. Schindler

Praise from The Washington Book Review:

“Schindler has written a very insightful book on a subject most historians have partially or completely ignored. Fall of the Double Eagle is a scholarly book written in a very readable way. You cannot claim to know the history of WWI without reading it. It is must-read for students of history and historians alike.”



George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents

by Hal Elliot Wert

Review from Mother Jones:

“. . . a visual feast of bold and experimental posters. Historian Hal Elliott Wert has collected the best examples from this tumultuous era and assembled them in a new book, George McGovern and the Democratic Insurgents.”



Harry and Arthur

by Lawrence J. Hass

Recommendation from Microbrew Journalism:

“It would be good for our leaders to read Harry and Arthur, and return to a shared concept of working together for the public good.”



My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married

by Joey Franklin

Finalist in the first two categories of 2015 Association for Mormon Letters awards, Creative Non-Fiction and Religious Non-Fiction



The Civilizing Machine

by Michael Matthews

Praise from Hispanic American Historical Review:

“The book is a compelling illustration of the diversity of discourse around modernization at play during the Porfiriato and a valuable contribution to the ongoing reevaluation of the predominance of the state during the era. Matthews’s insistence on the value of the visual as well as the written and his fluency with many media make for an enjoyable and accessible read.”



Spring 1865

by Perry D. Jamieson

Review from Gettysburg Magazine:

“Overall, Jamieson should be applauded for his work in synthesizing not just the most recent scholarship but also these important campaigns, which benefit equally by being viewed together.”



David J. Wishart


Seminar on “Writing a Short Book on Plains Indians” on UNL’s campus.



Jeremy Evans


Author interview with Tahoe Daily Tribune.

Ann McGrath


Author articles in Sapiens and The Age.

Margot Mifflin and Joey Franklin




Author interviews on BYU Radio: Top of Mine with Julie Rose



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