Waterman to be featured as a new PBS documentary

American Masters: Waterman-Duke: Ambassador of Aloha explores five-time Olympic medalist Duke Kahanamoku’s life, career and struggles with prejudice. As a dark-skinned Pacific Islander, Kahanamoku broke through racial barriers with athletic accomplishments before Joe Louis, Jesse Owens and Jackie Robinson; yet relatively few outside of … Continue reading Waterman to be featured as a new PBS documentary

News and Reviews

Books   Witness by Josephine Waggoner Edited by Emily Levine 2015 J. Franklin Jameson Award Winner Review from the American Historical Association: “In this sensitively edited and translated volume, Emily Levine performs a work of recovery mirroring that of Lakota amateur historian Josephine Waggoner (d. 1943) herself: distilling for scholars a disciplined but wide-ranging gathering of historical materials that might otherwise have been forever lost . . . a major editorial achievement.”   Fall of the Double Eagle by John R. Schindler Praise from The Washington Book Review: “Schindler has written a very insightful book on a subject most historians have partially or … Continue reading News and Reviews


Books Redskins by C. Richard King Recommendation from the Guy Who Reviews Sports Books: “This book is one that should be read by anyone who cares about the use of this name by the team, no matter on what side of the issue the reader currently sits. It is compelling, persuasive and will certainly make the reader think about what is truly meant by the name ‘Redskins.’” Stolen Words by Mark Glickman Praise from the Washington Book Review: “It makes you cry if you have even a little love for books, new ideas and the future of humankind. It affords humankind … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS


Books   Redskins by C. Richard King Recommendation from Kirkus Reviews: “King shows why this controversy matters well beyond the football field.” The Blind Man and the Loon by Craig Mishler Praise from the Journal of Folklore Research: “. . . a complex, alluring folktale, and one could easily, gladly, and productively lose one’s way within it . . . The Blind Man and the Loon makes a fine classroom text and provides a model for scholars writing on traditional narrative.” When Are You Coming Home? by Bryn Chancellor Applause from the Colorado Review: “As someone who struggles to put together a story … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS


Books   Sublime Physick by Patrick Madden Review from Publishers Weekly: “Like many essayists before him, Madden (Quotidiana) makes a habit of finding the transcendent in the transient. In this new, sometimes moving collection, he ranges over topics including spit, plagiarism, empathy, and middle age . . . Madden’s work combines elegance with a bumptiousness, illustrating the messy character of human language and lives.”   This Benevolent Experiment by Andrew Woolford Praise from the Washington Book Review: “This Benevolent Experiment is a must-read for the experts and students of North American history and Native Americans alike. It is a highly scholarly and … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS