News from Journals: Nebraska Extension Partnership

The Journals: Management and Publishing Solutions department (J:MaPS) is beginning a new adventure: exploring the world of blogging! These monthly J:MaPS updates will inform you of the latest news including awards, editorial board changes, and new issue releases. This month features our lesser known, but significant partnership with Nebraska Extension.

J:MaPs and Nebraska Extension’s continuing partnership

Nebraska Extension is an educational program through the University of Nebraska that serves all ninety-three counties of the state. This organization shares their research-based knowledge via a variety of educational outlets. One valuable resource Extension provides is access to hundreds of research publications through their web page, Nebraska Extension Publications. These guides are not only beneficial for farmers and ranchers, but also for the everyday Nebraskan. Extension publications and guides come in a wide range of topics from Animal Agriculture to Youth and Family. Since the summer of 2015, J:MaPS has been responsible for designing and publishing all of these works.

Nebraska Extension is continually publishing valuable guides on topics covering the state’s diverse range of seasons. As the weather warms up and gardening and spring cleaning season begin, many of these guides can be put to use. Guides on fertilizers and mulching, as well as choosing which plants are best to grow in your garden, can be useful to gardeners of all skill levels. Later this year, publications on plant maintenance, knowing when to harvest produce, and properly storing fresh fruits and vegetables will be important resources. Spring is also the time when insects become more rampant. Guides to identify spiders, control invasive insects like flies and ants, and distinguish between beneficial and harmful insects are great for homeowners and renters. There are even guides focused on storm water management which helps protect our environment at large, keeping pets safe from pesticide poisoning, and the proper action to take against invasive and injured wildlife. The J:MaPS department is proud to work with a publication that is so beneficial to our state and its citizens.


New Issues:

American Indian Quarterly, Volume 41, Issue 1

Anthropological Linguistics, Volume 58, Issue 2

Frontiers, Volume 38, Issue 1

Great Plains Research, Volume 27, Issue 1

Resilience, Volume 4

Western American Literature, Volume 51, Issue 4

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