Reading List: Happy Father’s Day!

Still searching for the perfect Father’s Day gift? We’ve got you covered!


Tough Sell: Fighting the Media War in Iraq by Tom Basile

“This book masterfully blends military history with politics and media studies, thus representing the truly multifaceted nature of warfare in the twenty-first century.”—Foreword Reviews


Playing Through: Modern Golf’s Most Iconic Players and Moments by Jim Moriarty

Golf may have changed in the last thirty-five years, but Moriarty’s words show that no matter how far the ball flies, it still pits players against themselves, the elements, and their opponents to remain the game we all know and love.


Beautifully Grotesque Fish of the American West by Mark Spitzer

Fisherman Mark Spitzer takes readers on an action-packed investigation of the most fierce and fearsome freshwater grotesques of the American West ever to inspire both hatred and fascination.


The Prometheus bomb: The Manhattan Project and Government in the Dark by Neil J. Sullivan

Through the story of the Manhattan Project, Neil J. Sullivan asks by what criteria the people in charge at the time made such critical decisions.


Fight for Old DC: George Preston Marshall, the Integration of the Washington Redskins, and the Rise of a New NFL by Andrew O’Toole

“Excellent, highly readable. . . . It belongs on the bookshelves of NFL fans.”—G. Louis Heath, AETHLON: The Journal of Sport Literature

Eisele-Apollo Pilot.indd

Apollo Pilot: The Memoir of Astronaut Donn Eisele edited and with an introduction by Francis French

“A posthumous memoir gives an unsung astronaut his due.”—Kirkus


One Nation Under Baseball: How the 1960s Collided with the National Pastime by John Florio & Ouisie Shapiro

One Nation Under Baseball highlights the intersection between American society and America’s pastime during the 1960s, when the hallmarks of the sport—fairness, competition, and mythology—came under scrutiny.


The Lost Journalism of Ring Lardner edited by Ron Rapoport

“This book is an absolute jewel. I not only want to read all of it again; I want to take it on a car date. Ron Rapoport has contributed a masterful collection to the world of sports and literature.”—Dan Jenkins

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