Remembering David Vincent

Baseball researcher and author David Vincent died on Sunday in Centreville, Virginia. He was sixty-seven years old.

Vincent was a noted historian for the Society for American Baseball Research who specialized in the history of the home run. Nicknamed the “Sultan of Swat Stats” by ESPN, he had been the official scorer for the Washington Nationals since 2005.

In his book Home Run: The Definitive History of Baseball’s Ultimate Weapon (Potomac Books, 2007), Vincent looks at the history and importance of the home run from the beginnings of baseball, through the Deadball Era and both World Wars, through the modern game. If there was something to know about home run history, Major League Baseball fans and professionals looked to Vincent for the answer.

Vincent was also the author of Midsummer Classic (Nebraska, 2001) and Home Runs in the Old Ballparks: Who Hit the First, the Last, and the Most Round-Trippers in Our Former Major League Parks, 1876-1994 (Society for American Baseball Research, 1995).

You can read more about Vincent’s life and work in the the New York Times and the Washington Post.

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