New in paperback

The Moroccan Soul: French Education, Colonial Ethnology, and Muslim Resistance, 1912-1956 (Nebraska, 2009) by Spencer D. Segalla was the eleventh book published in the France Overseas: Studies in Empire and Decolonization Series. It was an innovative study of the French education system in colonial Morocco and was praised as a study with much to offer: 

“Segalla should be congratulated for an enlightening study that stimulates the reader’s mind far beyond the topic suggested in the title.”—Samia I. Spencer, French Review

“This clearly written book captures the elaborate crosscurrents of its history.”—David H. Slavin, American Historical Review

The Moroccan Soul is a welcome contribution to the history of French imperialism in North Africa.”—Sahar Bazzaz, The Historian

The Moroccan Soul will offer much to both undergraduate and graduate audiences. It should command the attention of all historians of empire and historians of education, and anyone interested in the modern construction and reconstruction of French and Moroccan identities.”—John Strachan, H-France

The Moroccan Soul is now available in a paperback edition. The most recent book in the France Overseas series is Paradise Destroyed: Catastrophe and Citizenship in the French Caribbean by Christopher M. Church.