News and Reviews



Black Jesus and Other Superheroes

Venita Blackburn

Finalist for the PEN/ Robert W. Bingham Prize for Debut Fiction




Anna Carastathis

Review in Critical Philosophy of RaceCritical Philosophy of Race:

“…offers a route outside the current impasse, expertly tracing the concomitant celebration and dismissal of intersectionality.”



I’ll Be Your Mirror

David Lazar

Review in the Harvard Review:

“I suspect this collection is not Lazar’s last word when it’s comes to essays. However, it’s hard to imagine just what this writer might try next.”



Scarlet Experiment

Jeff Karnicky

Review from H-Net:

“A good introduction to this vibrant literature… It also serves as literary criticism, giving the reader a deep dive into literature on these popular North American wild birds, providing insight into American understanding of the pervasiveness of wild birds in American culture.”



Glory Days

Melissa Fraterrigo

Review on WBAA Radio:

“The story highlights what happens to the town and its residents as investors start to buy up land for a period themed amusement park. Melissa Fraterrigo is a talented writer.”



Where the Ashes Are

Nguyen Qui Duc

Review from the Lincoln Journal-Star:

“… a book which deserves re-evaluation by American readers.”



She Can Bring Us Home

Diane Kiesel

Book mention in the Virginia-Pilot.




Paula Tarnapol Whitacre


Author interview on the History Author Show.


M. L. Cavanaugh


Author op-ed in the Los Angeles Times.


Bob Hall


Author interview on NET Nebraska’s All About Books.


Mordecai Paldiel


Author interview on Nachum Segal Network.


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