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Religious, Feminist, Activist

Laurel Zwissler

Review from Reading Religion:

“Zwissler adds tremendous insight to the motivations and methods of religious feminist activists, including providing some explanation as to why Christian feminists don’t wield religious discourse in political realms the way that conservative Christians do.”



American Radiance

Luisa Muradyan

Review from Publishers Weekly:

“Through generous associative leaps, Muradyan turns a narrative of assimilation into a debut collection that is as playful as it is wrenching. [. . .] Muradyan reveals herself to be a savvy and thoroughly modern poet, observing her subjects with a dispassionate, often droll eye.”


Johnson-Black Bruins.indd

The Black Bruins

James W. Johnson

Review from Boom California:

“By interconnecting the narratives, Johnson creates an enjoyable web of ‘six degrees of separation’ in a who’s who and who else of important people that contributed to the rise of the ‘black Bruins’ along the way.”



The Three-Minute Outdoorsman Returns

Robert M. Zink

Review from Publishers Weekly:

“Zink’s enjoyable follow-up to 2014’s The Three-Minute Outdoorsman: Wild Science from Magnetic Deer to Mumbling Carp takes readers on an eclectic tour through various aspects of nature. ”



The United States Tennis Association: Raising the Game

Warren F. Kimball

Feature in Inside Tennis:

“The book details the growth of the USTA from a tiny cadre of leafy northeastern clubs to a truly extraordinary national federation with a stunning complex in Queens [. . .] readers will see that the USTA itself – which began with droopy nets, quirky balls and bumpy lawns – has survived many a bump in the road and now actually has its own impressive 406-page history.”



Justice For All

Jeremiah Unterman

Review from The Jewish Chronicle:

“[Unterman] makes a case for the innovative nature of the Bible; the Torah, for example, was ‘the first text to legislate food supplies for the poor.’  [. . .] Drawing on scholarly material, Unterman distills it in a way that makes it easy for a general reader.”


Discover the Great Plains Series

Featured on Big Ten Network Blog:

“These pocket ‘introductions’ outline for the unfamiliar the peculiarities and particular history, geography, climate and culture of the region with the unfussy wisdom endemic to middle America.”



Sandra Gail Lambert


Author essay in The Paris Review.


Curt Smith


Author interview on Politics & Polls.


Jack Gilden


Author interview on PressBox.


Luisa Muradyan


Author interview with Brazos Bookstore.


Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin



Author article in Religious News Service.

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