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Union General

Review in Civil War Books and Authors:

“William Shea’s Union General is a fine biography that should go a long way toward fostering a wider recognition and appreciation of Samuel Ryan Curtis’s substantial historical legacy.”

Gentry Rhetoric

Review in Sun News:

“A fine book, and one that deserves study by anyone interested in the history of rhetoric.”

Enemies Among Us

Review in Southwestern Historical Quarterly:

“Schmitz’s in-depth study is a useful and much-needed beginning for a new direction in this period of America’s wartime history: taking a broad view of detention across ethnic and racial groups.”

Animal Bodies

Review in Moonshine Ink:

“Meshing the intimacy of poetry with the yarn-spinning drama of storytelling, Animal Bodies: On Death, Desire, and Other Difficulties she gathers searing essays that are mostly lyrical in style, which explore very difficult emotions, namely her recent responses to aging and death.”

Let Me Count the Ways

Review in Hippocampus Magazine:

“With Let Me Count the Ways, you’ll find an unexpected and beautifully written account of family love and survival. Writing this memoir was an act of bravery from Morín in putting his family’s story out in the world, even braver still to show the hard-won pathways to love, forgiveness, and light.”

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