The Marketeers Club: Fall Exhibit Roundup

Western History Association meeting (St. Paul, MN), Oct. 20-23 UNP conference attendees: Matt Bokovoy, Native Studies and Borderlands History Editor; Bridget Barry, History, Geography, and Environmental Studies Editor “The Western History Association meeting in St. Paul focused on public history … Continue reading The Marketeers Club: Fall Exhibit Roundup

Excerpt: In Food We Trust

An excerpt from In Food We Trust: The Politics of Purity in American Food Regulation by Courtney I. P. Thomas Chapter 2: The Cranberry Crisis Advances in food science and technology that occurred during the twentieth century have made it possible for food systems to be organized, configured, and structured in ways that promote food safety. But if that is the case, why are there so many food safety crises in the United States? The answer is not that an industrialized food system cannot be made safe but that large and powerful corporations have perpetuated the regulatory focus on adulteration … Continue reading Excerpt: In Food We Trust