The Marketeers Club: Fall Exhibit Roundup

Western History Association meeting (St. Paul, MN), Oct. 20-23

UNP conference attendees: Matt Bokovoy, Native Studies and Borderlands History Editor; Bridget Barry, History, Geography, and Environmental Studies Editor

“The Western History Association meeting in St. Paul focused on public history in the American West, and also the teaching of western history in overall US History. The program was dominated by roundtable discussions on these subjects, among others that discussed conceptualizations of western history within the overall field of American history.” —Matt Bokovoy

Books with the most buzz: Great Plains Indians by David J. Wishart and City Indian: Native American Activism in Chicago, 1893-1934 by Rosalyn R. LaPier and David R. M. Beck


Nebraska Library Association (Omaha, NE), Oct. 20-22

UNP conference attendees: Anna Weir, Publicist; Erica Corwin, Electronic Marketing Coordinator; Alissa Shanahan, Advertising, Exhibits, and Awards Coordinator

“The exhibit hall was buzzing with enthusiasm all day, filled with people meeting up for the first time in a while to share their enthusiasm for upcoming books.” —Anna Weir

Book with the most buzz: Scoreless: Omaha Central, Creighton Prep, and Nebraska’s Greatest High School Football Game by John Dechant



Frankfurt International Book Fair (Frankfurt, Germany), Oct. 18-22

UNP conference attendee: Donna Shear, Director

“It was a very busy fair this year . . . [but] I think this was a much better fair than last year. The aisles were always crowded with people crossing from one appointment to another.” —Donna Shear


American Society for Ethnohistory meeting (Nashville, TN), Nov. 9-12

UNP conference attendee: Matt Bokovoy

“The American Society for Ethnohistory annual meeting was in Nashville, TN this year. It was a very strong program and that made author meetings and session papers difficult to decide upon due to the overall quality of the program . . . Several UNP authors and prominent members of the field of Native American and Indigenous Studies indicated that UNP had the leading list of publications in the field of any university presses.” —Matt Bokovoy

Book with the most buzz: The Franz Boas Papers, Volume 1: Franz Boas as Public Intellectual—Theory, Ethnography, Activism, edited by Regna Darnell



National Women’s Studies Association conference (Montreal, Canada), Nov. 10-13

UNP conference attendee: Alicia Christensen, American Studies, Cultural Criticism, and Creative Works Editor

“Montreal is a lovely city and it was nice to leave the country and ignore reality for a few days. Attendance was over 2,000 the last I heard but that was not including on-site registrants. We had excellent real estate in the exhibit hall . . . I also fielded numerous compliments on our covers so a shout out to design for making my job that much easier!” —Alicia Christensen

Book with the most buzz: Intersectionality: Origins, Contestations, Horizons by Anna Carastathis



American Studies Association conference (Denver, CO), Nov. 17-20

UNP conference attendees: Alicia Christensen; Natalie O’Neal, Editorial Assistant

“I haven’t been able to find out how many were in attendance, but the program says that there were 296 separate sessions scheduled . . . Overall, it was a successful and busy four days.” —Alicia Christensen

Books with the most buzz: Captivating Westerns: The Middle East and the American West by Susan Kollin and R*dskins: Insult and Brand by C. Richard King




American Anthropological Association meeting (Minneapolis, MN), Nov. 16-19

UNP conference attendee: Matt Bokovoy; Alissa Shanahan, Advertising, Exhibits, and Awards Coordinator

“We had four books for free exam copy giveways and they were gone by the end of the second day. There was a lot of interest in course adoption for these titles. The NAIS subject catalogs were gone by the second day; most of our Fall 2016 catalogs were gone; a good deal of our series flyers were taken as well. We could add more marketing materials to next year’s conference.” —Matt Bokovoy

Books with the most buzz: Holding On: African American Women Surviving HIV/AIDS by Alyson O’Daniel and Ojibwe Discourse Markers by Brendan Fairbanks





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