The Marketeers Club: September & October Exhibit Round Up

Emily Giller is the Advertising and Exhibits Coordinator in the marketing department. 

KooserSouth Dakota Book Festival

September 24-26, 2015 (Deadwood, SD)

UNP conference attendee: Rob Buchanan, Sales Coordinator

“Ted Kooser titles were very popular.  We sold a couple copies of each of his books that were on display.  I was told by a librarian that she looks to UNP in particular, and university presses in general, whenever she is looking for titles with regional interest.”—Rob Buchanan

Books with the most buzz:

In Cold Storage: Sex and Murder on the Plains by James W. Hewitt

Fried Walleye and Cherry Pie: Midwestern Writers on Food edited and with an introduction by Peggy Wolff

Writing Brave and Free: Encouraging Words for People Who Want to Start Writing by Ted Kooser and Steve Cox


Toronto_exhibit roundupAmerican Studies Association (ASA)

October 8-11, 2015 (Toronto, Canada)

UNP conference attendees: Alicia Christensen, American Studies & Cultural Criticism Editor; Maggie Boyles, Editorial Assistant

“The theme of the American Studies Association conference, held in Toronto this year, was ‘The Reproduction of Misery and the Ways of Resistance.’ More than 1,800 participants chose from over 350 sessions inspired to consider the systemic and ideological sources of suffering—an important and timely inquiry as citizens are increasingly motivated to stimulate change in response to institutionalized ‘misery’ of mass incarceration, the misuse of police force, cybersexism, heteronormativity, health disparity, economic injustice, and environmental inaction, to name just a few.”—Alicia Christensen

Samantha S. won $150 worth of books from our register to win, including Borderland Films: American Cinema, Mexico, and Canada during the Progressive Era by Dominique Brégent-Heald, Moments of Impact: Injury, Radicalized Memory, and Reconciliation in College Football by Jaime Schultz, and From Jack Johnson to LeBron James: Sports, Media, and the Color Line edited and with an introduction by Chris Lamb.


GisondiHeartland Fall Forum (HFF)

October 9-11, 2015 (Lombard, IL)

UNP forum attendees: Rosemary Vestal, Publicity Manager; Tom Swanson, Potomac Books Editor; Martyn Beeny, Marketing Manager

“UNP exhibited at HFF for the first time this year and we couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. Meeting face to face with regional booksellers is something that we’re placing increasing importance on as we try to reach readers ever more precisely and directly. The MIBA and GLIBA organizations are great examples of professional groups with which UNP needs to be more involved. The show was a big success and we plan to return next year.”—Martyn Beeny

Books with the most buzz:

How Winter Began: Stories by Joy Castro

Monster Trek: The Obsessive Search for Big Foot by Joe Gisondi


9780803256637-Perfect.inddNebraska Library Association (NLA)

October 14-16, 2015 (Lincoln, NE)

UNP conference attendee: Erica Corwin, Electronic Marketing Coordinator; Kylie Morrison-Sloat, Publicist; Emily Giller, Advertising and Exhibits Coordinator

“What a fun experience to be surrounded by Nebraskan book lovers! It was great talking with librarians about our books… which their readers have enjoyed, too!” —Kylie Morrison-Sloat, Publicist

Books with the most buzz:

In Cold Storage: Sex and Murder on the Plains by James W. Hewitt

Canoeing the Great Plains: A Missouri River Summer by Patrick Dobson

Forever Red: More Confessions of a Cornhusker Fan by Steve Smith

The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut by Clayton C. Anderson

Peggy L. won $100 worth of books from our register to win, including This River Beneath the Sky: A Year on the Platte by Doreen Pfost, In Cold Storage: Sex and Murder on the Plains by James W. Hewitt, The Naked Mountaineer Misadventures of an Alpine Traveler by Steve Sieberson, My Wife Wants You to Know I’m Happily Married by Joey Franklin, The Plain Sense of Things and In Reach by Pamela Carter Joern, Get Me Through Tomorrow: A Sister’s Memoir of Brain Injury and Revival by Mojie Crigler, and “They Treated Us Just Like Indians”: The Worlds of Bennett County, South Dakota by Paula L. Wagoner.


9780803238251Western History Association (WHA)

October 21-24, 2015 (Portland, OR)

UNP conference attendee: Bridget Barry, History, Geography, and Environmental Studies Editor; Matt Bokovoy, Native Studies and Borderlands History Editor

“The WHA proved exciting this year in Portland, since many scholars doing West Coast and Pacific Northwest research attended the event. While I tended to our book exhibition, UNP received much praise for numerous titles, particularly Stephen Moore’s Bootleggers and Borders; William French’s The Heart in a Glass Jar; Anne McGrath’s Illicit Love; and Andrew Woolford’s This Benevolent Experiment. Many scholars stopped by the UNP booth to ask what was new and what they needed to read in the fields of Western History and Native American History.”—Matt Bokovoy

Forthcoming UNP author, Brent Rogers won the Arrington-Prucha Prize for best article on the history of religion in the American West.

Books with the most buzz:

Illicit Love: Interracial Sex and Marriage in the United States and Australia by Ann McGrath

This Benevolent Experiment: Indigenous Boarding Schools, Genocide, and Redress in Canada and the United States by Andrew Woolford

The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory edited and with an introduction by Bradley R. Clampitt

Matt M. won $150 worth of books from our register to win including So You Want to Write About American Indians?: A Guide for Writers, Students, and Scholars by Devon Abbott Mihesuah, American Indian Cooking: Recipes from the Southwest by Carolyn Niethammer, U.S. Army Uniforms and Equipment, 1889: Specifications for Clothing, Camp and Garrison Equipage, and Clothing and Equipage Materials by Quartermaster General of the Army, The Words and Music of Frank Zappa by Kelly Fisher Lowe, Writing Brave and Free: Encouraging Words for People Who Want to Start Writing by Ted Kooser and Steve Cox,  A Handbook of American Military History, Second Edition: From the Revolutionary War to the Present edited by Jerry K. Sweeney, and Hard Hitting Songs for Hard-Hit People compiled by Alan Lomax.


-Emily (@emilyrg2)

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