The Marketeers Club: Best of 2019

The following is an accumulation of 2019 publicity thoughts from Anna Weir, Jackson Adams, and Rosemary Sekora.  Well, 2019 was a rocking year for the University of Nebraska Press. Throughout the year, our books and authors were highlighted in national … Continue reading The Marketeers Club: Best of 2019


Soccer Diaries By Michael Agovino Soccer America Daily review “More than an insightful account of American soccer’s evolution over the past three decades — it also hits a chord with anyone who’s enjoyed meeting fascinating characters at pickup games, who’s discovered new friends and previously unfamiliar cultures through soccer, and experienced the emotional roller-coaster of soccer fandom.”       Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie By Paul Johnsgard Lincoln Journal Star review “From sacred sites to majestic wildlife patterns, ‘Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie’ snaps a unique portraiture of Nebraska as a great sustainer of all who dwell within its … Continue reading NEWS AND REVIEWS