Soccer Dia9780803240476ries
By Michael Agovino
Soccer America Daily review
“More than an insightful account of American soccer’s evolution over the past three decades — it also hits a chord with anyone who’s enjoyed meeting fascinating characters at pickup games, who’s discovered new friends and previously unfamiliar cultures through soccer, and experienced the emotional roller-coaster of soccer fandom.”




Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie9780803253377
By Paul Johnsgard
Lincoln Journal Star review
“From sacred sites to majestic wildlife patterns, ‘Seasons of the Tallgrass Prairie’ snaps a unique portraiture of Nebraska as a great sustainer of all who dwell within its bounds. Whether you’re a scientist or layperson, it’s worth your time to pick up this collection, discover a quiet outdoor spot and just take it all in.”




Euro9781612346816pean Air Power
By John Olsen
Journal of Strategic Security review
“Whether someone has an interest in a history of European or Nordic air power, or wants an lively debate on the history of air power, that person will find all the above in John Olsen’s latest air power offering. Each work in the edited volume is well-sourced, well-written, and nicely argued. Every air power historian as well as those involved in the deciding the future of air power acquisitions will gather incredible insights from the difficult decisions these medium and small air power nations have made and will need to make in the future.”




In Pursuit of Pennants9780803234970
By Mark Armour
The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books review
“This is an absolute must-read for anyone who enjoys the game of baseball and is curious about why a winning team is so successful.”




By Jay Smith & Mary Willingham
NPR All Things Considered interview

C-SPAN book discussion

CNN video



Whiskey W9781612345642omen
By Fred Minnick
The Spirits Business list
“Never before had a book paid attention to the vital role women played in the history of the global whisky industry, until Minnick published his fascinating insights in 2013.”



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