UP WEEK: Why Should We Follow You?

        Every Friday numerous social media feeds encourage us to follow certain people. This reciprocal weekly event has evolved into a way to find new people with interesting things to say, but it is also beginning to feel a little bit mechanical. “It’s Friday!” the social media universe shouts at us; “Follow this person and this person and this person.” But why? Many of us in the university press world join this Friday free-for-all. We exchange our views on who is worth following and, because we’re all in the same part of publishing, for the most part … Continue reading UP WEEK: Why Should We Follow You?

UP WEEK: Throwback Thursday

In the spirit of partnership that pervades the university press community, thirty-two presses will unite for the AAUP’s third annual blog tour during University Press Week. This tour will highlight the value of collaboration among the scholarly community. Individual presses will blog on a different theme each day.          THROWBACK THURSDAY Harvard University Press – Backlist or Decemberists? MIT Press – Throwback Thursday featuring Muriel Cooper Temple University Press – Temple University Press’ influential Asian American History & Culture Series University of Toronto Press  University of Washington Press – Behind the Covers: Six Classics of Asian American Literature, Then and Now Wesleyan … Continue reading UP WEEK: Throwback Thursday