Praise for Under the Boards

Under_the_boards Under the Boards: The Cultural Revolution in Basketball by Jeffrey Lane

"Lane’s personal dialogue complements his rich account of the history of modern hoops. When examining the relationships that exist between the NBA and hip-hop, big sneaker companies and high school studs, Lane’s gatherings register dead-on and true."—Matt Caputo, SLAM

“Lane [has] developed a keen eye for the racial, generational and power dynamics at play in his favorite pastime, which is evident in his new book. . . . Lane proves that the culture of basketball not only influences American life but accurately reflects wider social patterns and what transpires in the locker room, the press box or the owner’s office is worth as much examination as the action on the hardwood.”—WireTap

“Lane’s point is interesting and  . . . valid.”—R. L. Abbott, CHOICE

“Lane’s first book comes at you like a tenacious defender—grabbing, pushing, and decimating your comfort zone [with] penetrating and often startling insight. . . . This book will force you to buckle down and confront your weaknesses. And in this case, it’s your mind that ends up stronger.” —Jesse Washington, Bounce Magazine

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