Tuesday Trivia

Cather_studies_volume_7 Claim You Know Willa, Will Ya?

Think you know all there is to know about the iconic Willa Cather, celebrated Nebraskan writer and subject of the newly published Cather Studies, Volume 7: Willa Cather as Cultural Icon? Try your hand at this week’s trivia questions and find out just how much of a "Catherphile" you really are.

(1) Where was Willa Cather born?

(2) Where is Willa Cather buried?

(3) How many siblings did she have?

(4) In what year did she move with her family to Webster County, Nebraska?

(5) Willa was baptized as (fill in the blank). She called herself Willa and gave herself the middle name of (fill in the blank), after the doctor who delivered her.

(6) Annie Sadilek, an immigrant girl working as hired help at Willa’s neighbor’s home in Red Cloud, Nebraska served as the inspiration for which of Cather’s later works?

(7) Before entering college, which profession did Willa aspire to?

(8) What was the title of Cather’s first book?

(9) In 1931 Cather became the first woman to receive an honorary degree from which major university?

(10) Cather won the Pulitzer Prize in 1923 for which of her books?

And the Bonus Question…
When asked what year she was born, Willa shaved how many years off of her actual birth date? (This fictional birth date is even chiseled into her tombstone!)

(1) Back Creek Valley, Virginia
(2) Jaffrey, New Hampshire
(3) Three
(4) 1883
(5) Wilella; Love
(6) My Ántonia
(7) Medicine (she wanted to be a surgeon)
(8) April Twilights (a collection of poetry)
(9) Princeton
(10) One of Ours
Bonus Question: Three (she changed it from 1873 to 1876)

How many questions did you answer correctly?
0-2: You’re a Cather Tenderfoot
3-6: You’re a Rookie Willa Scholar
7-9: You’re a Cather Crackerjack!
10+: You’re a Willa Maniac!

For more information on Cather Studies, Volume 7, and other Willa Cather titles, please visit http://nebraskapress.unl.edu. Also, feel free to visit the very informative Willa Cather Archive.

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