Praise for In Praise of Flattery

Lots of praise going on here!  😉

In_praise_of_flattery In Praise of Flattery by Willis Goth Regier

“The research is thorough and the writing compelling in historian Regier’s latest. . . . [R]eaders will need patience to stick with it; if they do, they’ll be rewarded with a trove of rhetorical-philosophical gems.”Publishers Weekly

“[T]he book contains many gems: exquisite, entertaining, carefully chosen words by the obscure . . . and the mighty.”—Christine Schwartz Hartley, Bookforum

“[A]n elegant analysis.”—Wall Street Journal

“A lively, charming, and wonderfully well-read guide to the art and appreciation of ‘truth well dressed,’ Regier’s little book is the kind you will want to carry around and delve into, not to mention try out on people you love, envy, and detest.”—Bloomsbury Review

“Regier . . . mines both ancient and modern sources to present a variety of views on flattery, and he treats the topic with good scholarship and good humor. . . . Anyone who doubts that flattery can be the subject of serious scholarship needs to read this book. Anyone who wants to read something both erudite and entertaining should do so as well. . . . Highly recommended.”—CHOICE