Linking in Lincoln: January 3, 2008

New_year_2008 Find Your "Missing Link" for the New Year

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s already 2008. Besides diligently attempting to remember to write 2008 on your letters and checks, you likely have many resolutions, professed or private, that you’ve pledged to achieve in the New Year (well, at least try to achieve). Whether you’ve resolved to eat healthier, spend wiser, or become fitter; to learn to cook, speak Portuguese, or ballroom dance; or to simply watch TV less and read more, we have the links to help turn that resolution into reality. Happy linking!

Looking for quick, healthy recipes to help you get nutritionally on-track? has a great "New Year, New You" page on their site devoted to helping you sauté your way to svelteness.

Did the holidays wreak havoc on your wallet? If so, you’re not alone. To bolster your net worth in 2008 (or simply to learn what in the world a mutual fund is), visit CNN’s for a "Money 101" lesson on saving, investing, purchasing, and mapping out your financial future. 

If you packed on the holiday pounds, hold on because help is on the way! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s’s "Fit in Fitness" blog! Check it out to get great tips on health and exercise from the blog’s author, Erin Kurdyla, a certified group-fitness instructor with a degree in exercise science.

Wish you could sign up for a cooking class to hone your culinary skills, but lack the time or money to do so? Well, get ready to say, "Move over, Wolfgang Puck!" because posts a monthly "Cooking Class" feature from Bon Appétit, complete with step-by-step instructions and pictures. In no time, you could be whipping up perfect cut-out cookies or delectable calzones. Get cooking!

Você fala o português? If not, link to the BBC’s "Languages" site where you can pick up free online lessons in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, and even Mandarin Chinese! That’s a great deal in any language!

If watching "Dancing with the Stars" has you itching to don a sparkly outfit and try your hand (or foot, in this case) at the Merengue, then waltz on over to and search for "Merengue Lessons," or for any other dance you’d like to learn, from the Tango to the Quick Step. You’ll be twirling your way into 2008 in no time.

Ready to turn away from the TV and kick off the New Year with a good book? The University of Nebraska Press has a host of new titles for you to choose from. Visit our "New January Books" page to peruse our fine offerings and make good on your reading resolution!


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