A Roundup of Reviews

9780803226661Appetite for Books reviewer Claudia Kousoulas calls Jason Anthony’s Hoosh “…a departure
from the adventurous tales of expeditioners, but a fascinating departure.” She mentions, “For those of us challenged by a weekly grocery list,
Anthony’s description of planning Antarctic meals past and present is humbling.”

Body Geographic

“An emotional, personal
cartography, Body Geographic is an exploration of the author’s life,” is
how E.B. Boatner
describes Barrie Jean Borich’s new book in Lavender Magazine.

Champion of Choice

MetroActive writer Gary Singh sings Cathleen
Miller praise in a recent article about her new book Champion
of Choice
. While the book describes the impressive work of Nafis Sadik,
this article describes the impressive work of Miller. Singh says, “… Miller does not just write Sadik’s story alone. That would have been too
simple. Instead, she juxtaposes Sadik’s career with vignettes from the trenches
of female victimization in order to reveal examples of the very injustices that
Sadik fights against.”

Erwine describes what he took away from Almost Somewhere by Suzanne Roberts in his review on Bookin’ with Sunny, “Fol­lowing the trail teaches you a lot about yourself.
That’s the real value gained from reading this book.”
Almost Somewhere

Tim Hauserman from California’s Adventure
Sports Journal
 provides an another male perspective on Almost Somewhere, “As a guy I enjoyed reading these details, if only to
understand how clueless I have been about the emotional issues many of my female
hiking buddies are facing.”

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