From the desk of Larry Ruttman

Author Larry Ruttman describes his impressions about his book signing at the 92Y

I must be the
luckiest man alive! Imagine having the most exciting night of your life at age
eighty-two. Not that my fifty-year career as a lawyer was boring. But, as an
author you feel the love and admiration coming right at you during every
encounter. And so it was when I took the stage at the iconic 92nd Street Y in
New York City on Monday, May 13, alongside the irrepressible Alan Dershowitz,
film critic and Renaissance man; Jeffrey Lyons; and former lefty Major League
pitcher and convert to Judaism Bob Tufts, to discuss my new book, American Jews and America’s Game: Voices of
a Growing Legacy in Baseball
. The fast-paced, fun-filled, laugh-provoking
yet serious discussion of baseball, and the place of Jews in it, was followed
by a host of questions from the overflow audience, demonstrating how much their
interest and enthusiasm had been aroused. A big hand at the conclusion! All
four of us on stage were rushed by well-wishers in the audience. Dershowitz and
Tufts, feet dangling, answered yet more questions, while Lyons and I did the
same, leaning into the crowd below. Then pictures and handshakes among the four
of us. Being led away through the approving crowd in the lobby to a table where
folks lined up for me to sign copies of my book. Smiles both ways as each
approached. Amiable and reminiscent conversation with each person, followed by an
inscription to fit the wish of each and my thankful signature. Books were even purchased
by the 92Y staff. My wife and friends nearby with hugs and warmth. The work of
six years rewarded by such a successful event!

– Larry Ruttman

Ruttman 92Y event

Photo caption from left to right: Alan Dershowitz, Jeffrey Lyons, Larry Ruttman

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