Review roundup

Body GeographicBody Geographic
Barrie Jean Borich in The Rumpus

“In all, Body Geographic navigates fluidly
between recovery narrative, travelogue, family legend (in both the literary and
cartographic senses of the word), and coming-of-(middle)age story, and in so
doing posits a new telling (or re-mapping) of the American story.” -Molly Beer



On the Dark Side of the MoonFrom the Caxton Press, On
the Dark Side of the Moon
by Mike Medberry in

“Mike Medberry has written a slim volume of a memoir that’s
a victory in many ways. This environmentalist and writer—in his first
book—offers to the reader a story of debility and recovery, a journey he
experienced following a stroke in April of 2000 that left him helplessly lying
on the rocks of Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. But On
the Dark Side of the Moon: A Journey Toward Recovery
is more than just a
book about a man struggling to regain health.” -Andrew C. Gottlieb


Bridging Two DynastiesBridging Two Dynasties

by Lyle Spatz in the Tampa Tribune

“This is a well-researched, informative book that puts a
pivotal year of Yankees history into proper perspective. New York had flashier
stars, better pitchers and hitters and gaudier statistics in other years, but
the 1947 squad deserves some respect, too. Spatz and his colleagues provide the
evidence.” – Bob D’Angelo


Philadelphia’s Top 50 Baseball PlayersPhiladelphia’s Top 50
Baseball Players
by Rich Westcott in the Baseball Almanac

“This book is a delight both for fans of Philadelphia
baseball and fans of baseball itself. Prolific author Rich Westcott has
assembled five-page reflections on each of Philadelphia’s top 50 players. The
list extends from the Pioneers (pre-1900) to the greatest players of the Modern
Era (1971-2012). In-between are looks at Philadelphia legends which are sure to
strike the nostalgia keys and bring back memories of great names whom one has
seen play or whose exploits have been read about through the years.” -Dr. McKim

501 Baseball Books Fans Must Read Before They Die501 Baseball Books
Fans Must Read Before They Die
by Ron Kaplan in Baseball Almanac

“Kaplan’s abilities make this book live up to a line about
it on the back cover: ‘Anyone who loves to read about baseball will find in
this book a companionable guide, far more fun than a reference work has any
right to be.’ This book is definitely worth acquiring for yourself. In a number
of ways it will be interesting and valuable. It will also keep you busy with ‘must
reads’…for a long time!” – Dr. McKim

Island of BonesIsland of Bones
Joy Castro in Portland Book Review

“Through it all, Castro continues to struggle with questions
of identity and membership: do I really belong, and where, and to whom? Who am
I, really? Her search for the truth of her own life is given to us in honest,
eloquent, and insightful prose.” -Daniel Hobbs



Smokey Joe WoodSmokey Joe Wood
Gerald C. Wood on

“Gerald C. Wood (no relation), author of this first
full-scale biography of “Smoky Joe” Wood, delivers an impeccably
researched and poignant account of a great athlete and even greater man.”- Mark



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