Review roundup

Island of BonesIsland of Bones
by Joy Castro in the Portland
Book Review

it all, Castro continues to struggle with questions of identity and membership:
do I really belong, and where, and to whom? Who am I, really? Her search for
the truth of her own life is given to us in honest, eloquent, and insightful
prose. That we are given her story in fragments seems exactly right, for she’s
clear: her journey is not yet over.”

-Daniel Hobbs


Mr. Wrigley's BallclubMr. Wrigley’s Ball Club
by Roberts Ehrgott in The Tampa Tribune

Wrigley’s Ball Club
is an informative, focused look at a team that thrived
in a rollicking era of major-league baseball.”

-Bob D’Angelo 




The World of YesterdayThe World of Yesterday
by Stefan Zweig in The Washington Times

of “The World of Yesterday” know that for the tormented Stefan Zweig, the
contrast between even his today and yesterday was acutely painful. How could he
not feel that the tomorrow awaiting him was bound to be unbearable?”




From Gods to GodFrom Gods to God
by Avigdor Shinan and Yair
Zakovitch in the Jewish Book Council

topics and personalities analyzed are fascinating. The authors demonstrate
familiarity with multiple forms of exegesis as well as knowledge of Hebrew,
Aramaic, and Greek texts. The book is well written, well researched, and offers
a challenging look at many significant Biblical stories and personalities.”


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