Review roundup

9780803237773Selling the Congo
by Matthew G. Stanard in H-France Review

breadth of topics covered in this book is wide–each of them could fill a
separate monograph. It is to Stanard’s credit that he is able to pull them
together. In terms of primary source work, I believe the strength of the book
lies in his discussions of the contributions of local organizations to the
promotion of Belgian imperialism.”

Van Beurden


The Days Are GodsThe Days Are Gods
by Liz Stephens in the San Francisco/Sacramento
Book Review

Stephen’s book The Days Are Gods we
peer into the challenges Liz and husband Chris faced in uprooting their
comfortable lives in CA to get closer to big skies, deep canyons, and becoming
one with the land. Life in Wellsville is anything but easy. Simple does not
equal easy and through hard work and time, they carve out a meaningful life
there. We come to know the quirky Wellsville Mormons; cattlemen, sheep herders,
people used to making a living by the sweat of their brow, working the land.



by Evelyn I. Funda in Kirkus

An only
daughter’s eloquent lament for her family’s farm, seasoned with dashes of
feminism and naturalism.

(American Literature/Utah State Univ.) considers the legacy of being raised
during the 1960s in a patriarchal family of Czech immigrants and in a small
town in Idaho that expected girls to marry and forsake their agricultural
roots. Her debut is not, however, a straightforward narrative of generational
change amid hardships; rural life expands here into a canvas for literary as
well as personal reflection. Funda ranges over subjects as diverse as seed
hybridization, ex-urbanites, early-20th-century Idaho, storytelling, postwar
exile and mutable family mythologies.”



EvansThe X-15 Rocket Plane
by Michelle Evans in Book

specialists and aficionados will appreciate Evans’s introduction detailing her
lifelong interest in space exploration and her afterword, which offers a
poignant necrology of X-15 staff… A cogently written and well-deserved tribute
to the individuals who helped take a winged rocket beyond Earth’s confining

– John
Carver Edwards


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