Called Out But Safe – A Baseball Umpire’s Journey

New review of CALLED OUT BUT SAFE by Al Clark and Dan Schlossberg

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I often wonder like any other fan, what some umpires are thinking.  It seems that they almost want to show up the players at times by making themselves not only part of the show, but the show itself.  The baiting of players into confrontation has never been one of my favorite scenes.  I may be old school in thinking like this, but I enjoy when an umpire blends into the scenery and does his job.  Umpires do have the opportunity to some degree, to enhance the show, but never have I ever seen them as THE show.   That thought brings us to todays book…


Called Out But Safe – A Baseball Umpire’s Journey

By Al Clark and Dan Schlossberg

2014 University of Nebraska Press

I am never quite sure what to expect from an umpires autobiography.  In the past, the books that I have read about umpires portray them as pompous…

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