A Word From Our Readers

We love to hear from our readers. Check out what people are saying on Amazon and Goodreads about some of our backlist titles:


MountLiebenow_sketch-2-thumbains of Light by R. Mark Liebenow
“Nature is a fully realized character in this memoir. Although I’ve not been there, I feel Yosemite’s wild dangerous beauty. Experiencing life close to the edge helps Liebenow forge a new relationship with himself and his loss.” -Elaine (Amazon 2/22/2015)






Upton Sinclair by Lauren CoodleyCoodley
“This gripping, enlightening, heart-breaking, and inspiring biography is a must-read. If you’ve only heard of The Jungle, Sinclair’s best-selling novel about the appalling, unsanitary conditions (for workers and animals) in Chicago’s meat-packing industry, be prepared for a wild ride through the intense life of this radical thinker, social activist, and prolific writer.” -Nancy (Amazon 11/11/2013)





The Infamous Rosalie by Évelyne Trouillot
“The prose the author used is so lyrical and beautiful, it’s almost like poetry. The stories are vivid and the narrative fuels your imagination with both horrific and touching images. I imagined this as a movie in my head.I read the French version beforehand and the English version captured the author’s original words. Brilliant!” -Sha (Amazon 9/27/2013)






Downwind by Sarah Fox
“This book is an excellent examination of the history of nuclear testing in the American West. Well researched, Fox utilized a wide range of sources to examine the impacts of nuclear weapons development and testing on ordinary American citizens.” –Chuck (Amazon 12/5/2014)





Witness by Josephine Waggoner
“Thorough and thoughtful collection of the writings of this Lakota woman, wonderfully collected and compiled by Emily Levine. This is a one of a kind publication.” -Mary Lou (Amazon 12/15/2013)






Wheels Stop by Rick Houston
“A 5-star effort. This book is full of fantastic stories – it’s not a technical book, or a gossip book, but an anecdote book. It opens with a very funny memory – a small child thinking early space travelers are talking to him – and goes uphill quickly from there.” –Gary (Amazon 11/15/2013)





Billy “the Hill” and the Jump Hook by Billy McGill
“This book is beautifully written– engaging and emotional– while telling a truly remarkable and heartbreaking story. Brach is absolutely right that it deserves to be remembered. It’s an easy, casual read that even non-sports lovers will enjoy.” Felicia (Amazon 12/2/2013)




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