oAir Commanders

By John Andreas Olsen

Air Force Chief of Staff Reading List 2015 review

“The Airmen who nominated this book noted that its inspiring stories of Airman leadership can help each of us better tell the Air Force story. I couldn’t agree more – Olsen’s book is a wonderful primer in the leadership history of the U.S. Air Force (the best Air Force in the world!)…and is a must-read for all professional Airmen.”




HimkaMichlic-DarkPastLight.inddBringing the Dark Past to Light

Edited and with an introduction by John-Paul Himka and Joanna Beata Michlic

The Times of Israel review

“The manner in which Nazi-occupied nations have responded to the Holocaust since the fall of communism is a subject of no small importance. Fortunately, Bringing The Dark Past To Light addresses this topic seriously and comprehensively.”





ZachterGil Hodges

By Mort Zachter

The Christian Science Monitor review

“The irony of the title of this book is that Gil Hodges has never been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, even though many close observers of his career have long contended that he deserves a spot in the Cooperstown shrine. Besides being an outstanding first baseman for the Dodgers, Hodges managed the 1969 Miracle Mets to a World Series championship. It was the class and integrity with which Hodges comported himself both in and out of baseball that elevates him in many eyes and is an underlying theme of this exhaustively researched biography.”




untitledThis Strange Wilderness

By Nancy Plain

Minneapolis Star Tribune review

“And now it is March, and days are longer and lighter, and birds are thinking about doing what birds do. A good time, perhaps, to read Nancy Plain’s short and lovely biography of John James Audubon,This Strange Wilderness. Her large-format book is simple enough for children, but researched and written well enough to keep adults enthralled. It’s illustrated with dozens of color reproductions of Audubon’s fierce, gawky, long-necked, sometimes cross-eyed wonderful wild birds.”





By Neil Campbell

Western American Literature review

“The real strength of Post-Westerns is the author’s firm grasp of the whole field of American studies—not just the revisionist, contra-Turnerian historiography of Patricia Limerick or Jack Forbes but also ethnic history, gendered relationships, and the struggle to achieve a civilized urban world. This is the work of a mature, well-informed scholar very much at the top of his game.”





By Ross Coen

H-Net review

“The strength of Coen’s book is obvious: relying upon archival research, memoirs, and newspapers, Coen employs colorful anecdotes to trace the history of the fu-go balloons from construction in Japan to discovery and detonation in the United States… Fu-go is an engaging, thorough narrative that adds to the historiography surrounding World War II.”




Marsh-HannahFreeman.inddA Lenape among the Quakers

By Dawn G. Marsh

H-Net review

“With enough detail to answer the reader’s questions but not so much as to lose the thread of the narrative, A Lenape among the Quakers is readable and informative.”


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