Rockets9780803255227 and Revolution
By Michael Smith
Critcom review
“An engaging read, Rockets & Revolution brings a variety of new sources and a refreshing perspective into the debates about the cultural dimensions of spaceflight. Weaving together technology and literature, Smith reconstructs a cultural space in which formulas and parabolas meet with symbols and parables. Both historians of astronautics and historians of literature will find some of their assumptions challenged and will benefit from reading this book.”
That Drea9780803211087m Shall Have a Name
By David Moore
Studies in American Indian Literatures review
“I especially appreciated the thoroughness of Moore’s discussion of scholarship, which includes comments on work done decades ago as well as recent studies; the insights offered about specific authors (for instance, the concise identity interpretations of Silko’s Almanac, Ceremony, and “Storytellers Escape” were excellent), and the invitations to perceive familiar texts in new ways.”
The Ordinary Spaceman
By Clayton Anderson
Publishers Weekly review
“Anderson provides a focused picture of how a fiercely dedicated individual became a spaceman.”

A Game of Their Own: Voices of Contemporary Women in Baseball9780803244801
By Jennifer Ring
The Daily Beast review
“Ring vividly describes the challenges as well as lack of support women hardball players overcome. By the way, the 2010 ladies came home from Venezuela with a bronze medal.”

The JPS Bible Commentary: Song of Songs
By Michael Fishbane
Jweekly review
“This series is an indispensable resource, and Fishbane’s new work is among the most rewarding entries.”

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